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Start Bootstrap's Modern Business Theme for Orchard Core as a decoupled Razor Pages Module
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Start Bootstrap's Modern Business Theme for Orchard Core as a decoupled Razor Pages Module


Need to git clone into src/Themes.Pages/ModernBusiness.Theme/wwwroot/

Some things to note

  • Your modules project (.csproj) files, if using the Razor Pages framework, should be using the Razor sdk, like so: <Project Sdk="Microsoft.NET.Sdk.Razor">
  • To have easy access to the OrchardHelper and related Orchard services, make sure your Razor Pages inherit from OrchardCore.DisplayManagement.RazorPages.Page like so @inherits OrchardCore.DisplayManagement.RazorPages.Page. This is done in _ViewImports.cshtml. This counts for razor views like partials as well, except, you inherit from OrchardCore.DisplayManagement.Razor.RazorPage like so @inherits OrchardCore.DisplayManagement.Razor.RazorPage<TModel>
  • In most modules, besides referencing OrchardCore.Module.Targets, you will want to reference OrchardCore.DisplayManagement, OrchardCore.Media, OrchardCore.ContentManagement, OrchardCore.Content and OrchardCore.ResourceManagement
  • Every Razor Pages module needs a to add an AreaFolderRoute if it wants to be able to respond to requests. For example like:
  services.Configure<RazorPagesOptions>(options =>
        options.Conventions.AddAreaFolderRoute("ModernBusiness.Pages.Portfolio", "/", "");
  • The _ViewStart of each module points to "Layout". The Layout will be resolved from the .Theme module, from Views\Shared.
  • For the NotFound.cshtml (for 404 status cases), the Layout will be resolved from Views, as this is OC's default Layout location.

Known issues and things to do

  • Search is currently not functional
  • Tags are saved with a blog post, but no look up or tag cloud is currently implemented
  • Tags do not link to posts with that tag yet

What to check out

  • Multilingual pages, currently the Pricing Table is fully translated in Dutch, Portuguese and English
  • The Full Width Page allows a user to be signed in
  • Requesting a non existing page will result in a 404, themed accordingly
  • This repo is setup to Continuesly Integrate and Deploy to: (demo tenant with the theme and modules from this repo)
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