Watch face for Garmin fenix 3 HR +, connect iq sdk
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Watch face for Garmin fenix 3, D2 and fenix5 series



Background Time/date in low power mode (LPM) Time/date in high power mode Battery warning Bluetooth block Alarm block Notification block Time period color


If LPM time/date is the same as the background color there is an option to set a period in which the time is shown. I use it to get around the issue with the backlight button not bringing the watch out of LPM. Set the value when the battery warning color kicks in. Something else I forgot about...

In sleep mode

Does not show time with the default settings when the watch is in sleep mode. Shows if connected to phone with square to the left. Shows alarms set. Shows notifications.

When awake

Shows time, date and battery % as well.


backlight doesn't bring watch face out of low power mode, crap.