An intelligent image thumbnailer in C++, using libJPEG and some magic.
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by Peter Sobot ( on August 26, 2012. Licensed under MIT.

SmartCrop is a smart JPEG thumbnailing algorithm based on entropy measurements of a sliding window. Based off an algorithm by Michael Macias, SmartCrop was first implemented in Ruby back in April 2012. This solution, however, was dog-slow. (On the order of ~2 seconds per image processed!)

This repo contains three versions of the same basic program:

  • smartcrop.rb, the original Ruby script using RMagick
  • fastcrop, using libJPEG, literally 50 times faster than the Ruby version.
  • smartcrop, using Magick++, which is roughly 6x faster than the Ruby.

Check out the blog post on comparing the three methods.

General Usage

Just make, then run ./smartcrop or ./fastcrop (or ruby smartcrop.rb):

SmartCrop by Peter Sobot
Usage: ./smartcrop [-o output_dir] [-d date_from] input_file input_file ...
       Default output directory is the current directory.
       Default date from is forever ago.