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Gentoo ebuild overlay for Synnefo IaaS cloud software (
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Gentoo ebuild overlay for Synnefo

This overlay will (hopefully) provide all the ebuilds (server- and client-side) required to setup and run the Synnefo IaaS cloud platform (

For more information about Synnefo, check out the docs ( and our free trial on


Set up layman (, and then run:

    layman -i synnefo
    layman -a synnefo
    layman -S 

After that, you can emerge any of the ebuilds in the overlay.

About the ebuilds

The overlay currently has ebuilds for kamaki (Synnefo CLI API client), snf-image-creator (create snapshot / images and register them with Synnefo) and a few Python packages they depend on.

Caveats / Known issues

  • snf-image-creator depends on libguestfs python bindings. libguestfs's build system will only install the bindings for the 'current' Python version, and that's why python bindings are disabled in the official Portage ebuild. The overlay includes a modified libguestfs ebuild, with support for python bindings, but it has the above limitation. Hopefully, there will be a workaround soon.

  • snf-image-creator is currently installed in /usr/bin, but it requires root privileges for various operations and invokes commands residing in /sbin. Therefore it won't work if run as a non-privileged user.

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