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Releases: psouza4/Better-Memory-Meter

Version 2.00

26 Nov 16:39
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  • Easy-to-read system tray display.
  • Great for knowing at a glance what your general free physical memory percentage is
  • Lightweight design -- no clunky interface.
  • Low memory consumption: does not use excessive resources while displaying different icons like Memory Meter does.
  • No spyware/adware/virii at all. The original Memory Meter installs hidden files that are difficult to remove and that are identified by anti-adware/spyware programs as a privacy attack!
  • Works for more than 4,096 MB of RAM now
  • Extended tooltip information
  • Re-designed status icons, more informative ranges
  • New installer engine (much smaller size, better deployment options)
  • NEW: automatically excludes memory from SuperFetch (may require Administrative access to read memory from this service process)