Redux persist adapter for electron-store
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Storage adapter to use electron-store with redux-persist



npm i -S electron-store redux-persist-electron-storage


yarn add electron-store redux-persist-electron-storage


To use redux-persist-electron-storage, configure redux-persist according to its documentation.

Modify the classic redux-persist configuration as follows:

  • Do not import redux-persist/lib/storage anymore, as we use an alternative storage.
  • Import redux-persist-electron-storage:
import createElectronStorage from "redux-persist-electron-storage";
  • Modify the options for persistReducer in order to use the storage dedicated to Electron:
const persistConfig = {
  key: 'root',
  storage: createElectronStorage()

const persistedReducer = persistReducer(persistConfig, rootReducer)

You can either pass an instance of electron-store or pass options like below:

const electronStore = new ElectronStore()
  electronStoreOpts: {
    encryptionKey: 'MY_ENCRYPTION_KEY'

Hint: The passed instance is preferred over passed options