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Parser generator for Marpa::XS. This contains some things I tried. For a better module take a look at MarpaX::Parser::Marpa.
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Marpa parser for parsing Marpa


We first need to generate the 'official' parser Which is created from the parser specification

$ make

Which can be used with the 'marp' command

perl bin/marp [filename] [code_generator] [package...]

$ perl bin/marp examples/htmlgen/ MarpaX::CodeGen::SimpleLex MarpaX::Parser::HTMLGen > lib/MarpaX/Parser/


What is this?

This is a program that generates a Marpa::XS::Grammar and lexer from a textual specification. It uses MarpaX::Simple::Lexer.

Marpa doesn't itself contain a program that creates new parsers from textfiles. This program first creates a new Marpa parser generator from a textfile containing a description of a Marpa parser.

Is this related to Marpa?

Well, not really, only in that it uses this library. It's not an official Marpa module in any way.

What is Marpa?

Marpa is a really cool parser written in Perl by Jeffrey Kegler. See


Peter Stuifzand



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