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Student Software - Developer

Github Student Pack


Github offers a “student pack” to all college students, providing free, generous access to an enormous number of the best tools in the current developer world. Please sign up! Below is some info on a few of the “student pack” resources recommended by the PSU Hacking Club, though the complete list is massive and grows frequently.

Github Pro:

With the “student pack”, your Github user account is bumped to a (mostly) Pro account. Perhaps the most useful addition with this upgrade is private repos.

The Jetbrains Suite:

Jetbrains offers extremely powerful text editors / IDEs for just about any language and use case imaginable. Like a few other high end editors, these tools actively compile your documents in the background, checking for errors, efficiency, refactors, etc. All their IDEs share their Java (intelliJ) framework and share the same UI and systematic approach the developing.

-PyCharm: In addition to active compiling / refactors, PyCharm manages your Python virtual environments (venv) in the background too. Like other Jetbrains editors, you get local versioning, graphical grammars / organization tools, tabs for a project-specific Python shell and command prompt, the list goes on. PyCharm Community (free version, Pro is available with the Github “student pack”) is also currently endorsed by the PSU GIS certificate program. The Pro version is essentially identical, but does add additional extensibility and complete Jupyter Notebook support.

-WebStorm: This editor supports common web grammars such as Pug/Jade, HTML, JavaScript + other ES6 stuff, etc. This is a nice way to write Node.JS, client-side web services, etc.

Heroku Dyno:

Heroku is a popular web app hosting service, and support modern server/client languages like Node, Ruby (Rails), Go, PHP, Python (Django, Flask) etc. They have one of the oldest and most robust user CLIs in the business (built around Git), and as a result most folks need to pay a fairly high premium for commercial Dyno space. (Heroku has a popular (but limited!) free tier too).

More Cloud Money:

In addition to many cloud compute provider incentives (for example, Google’s GCP gives everyone $300 of credits), AWS, Azure, DigitalOcean all add student discounts.

Additional Software:

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