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Rosetta Stats is a statistics chrestomathy, conceptually based on Rosetta Code.
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Rosetta Stats

Rosetta Stats is a statistics chrestomathy, conceptually based on Rosetta Code. See the GitHub pages site at for the site itself.

Rosetta Stats was founded mainly to facilitate using SPSS and R in parallel or to facilitate switching from SPSS to R. It is geared towards application of statistics to psychological science.

It is free and open source: everybody can contribute. If you would like to contribute, please keep in mind the following:

  • Rosetta Stats is not a resource to learn R. It is a list with simple one-on-one 'translations' of commands and analyses in SPSS and R, geared towards pragmatic researchers. Therefore, this is not the place for explaining the virtues of the *apply family of functions or to even demonstrate how a function can be defined. The goal is to demonstrate how R is not more complicated than SPSS for the day-to-day tasks most researchers perform. Of course, this means that Rosetta Stats can be used to learn R, alongside other material, especially with an audience that came from SPSS.

  • Try to keep the number of required packages to a minimum. The strategy of Rosetta Stats is to code wrappers for common SPSS functions and include them in the userfriendlyscience package (see GitHub repository or CRAN page). This makes it easy to actually provide commands that acts roughly like their SPSS counterparts.

Of course, feel free to contact us to discuss your involvement!

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