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@@ -191,10 +191,12 @@ For each request, an appropriate locale will be selected from one of the followi
* A URI selector, e.g. `"/my-uri/locale/en-US/"`.
* The request's Accept-Language HTTP header.
-## Tower supports the ClojureWerkz Project Goals
+## Tower Supports the ClojureWerkz and CDS Project Goals
ClojureWerkz is a growing collection of open-source, batteries-included [Clojure libraries]( that emphasise modern targets, great documentation, and thorough testing.
+CDS (Clojure Documentation Site) is a contributor-friendly community project aimed at producing top-notch [Clojure tutorials]( and documentation.
## Contact & Contribution
Reach me (Peter Taoussanis) at *ptaoussanis at* for questions/comments/suggestions/whatever. I'm very open to ideas if you have any! I'm also on Twitter: [@ptaoussanis](!/ptaoussanis).

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