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Beanstalk console English version

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Admin console for Beanstalk queue server, written in PHP

Beanstalk Console Screenshot


  • Common list of servers in config for all users + optional Basic Auth
  • Global server list can be set via BEANSTALK_SERVERS environment variable
  • Each user can add its own personal Beanstalkd server
  • Full list of available tubes
  • Complete statistics about jobs in tubes
  • Realtime auto-update with highlighting of changed values
  • You can view jobs in ready/delayed/buried states in every tube
  • You can add/kick/delete jobs in every tube
  • You can select multiple tubes by regExp and clear them
  • You can move jobs between tubes
  • Ability to Pause tubes
  • Saved jobs (store sample jobs as a template, kick/edit them, very useful for development)
  • Search jobs data field
  • Customizable UI (code highlighter, choose columns, edit auto refresh seconds, pause tube seconds)

Change log on Releases.


Use composer (recommended)

If you don't have Composer yet, download it following the instructions on or just run the following command:

curl -s | php

Then, use the create-project command to generate a new application:

php composer.phar create-project ptrofimov/beanstalk_console -s dev path/to/install

Composer will install the Beanstalk Console and all its dependencies under the path/to/install directory.

Setup using vagrant

Install VirtualBox and vagrant then run (from project root):

vagrant up

After provision beanstalk console will be available at http://localhost:7654 (port could be configured in Vagrantfile)

Download an Archive File

Download, unzip files to your www directory and launch from public directory, enjoy!

Run as a Docker container

Install Docker then build and run with the following command (from project root):

docker build --rm -t beanstalk_console .
docker run -d -p "80:80" --name beanstalk_console beanstalk_console

If you would rather just run the existing automated build of this project, run (from project root):

docker run -d -p "80:80" -e APACHE_PORT=80 --name beanstalk_console agaveapi/beanstalkd-console

To configure webapp with a custom beanstalk server to load at runtime, set the BEANSTALKD_HOST and BEANSTALKD_PORT environment variables.

docker run -d -p 80:80 \
           --name beanstalk_console \
           -e 'BEANSTALKD_HOST=beanstalkd' \
           -e 'BEANSTALKD_PORT=11300' \

To spin up a console with a beanstalkd server all at once, install Docker Compose and run (from project root):

docker-compose up

Authors: Petr Trofimov, Sergey Lysenko, Pentium10

Beanstalk консоль Русская версия

Административная консоль для сервера очередей Beanstalk, написанная на PHP


  • Общий список серверов в конфиге для всех пользователей
  • Глобальный список серверов может быть установлен через переменную окружения BEANSTALK_SERVERS
  • Каждый пользователь может добавить свой персональный сервер
  • Полный список доступных труб
  • Полная статистика тасков в трубах
  • Realtime-обновление с подсветкой изменившихся значений
  • Вы можете просматривать таски в каждой трубе (ready/delayed/buried)
  • Вы можете выполнять операции с тасками в каждой трубе (add/kick/delete)


Скачайте, положите распакованные файлы в www папку и наслаждайтесь!

Установка с помощью vagrant

Установите VirtualBox и vagrant затем запустите (в корневой директории проекта):

vagrant up

После завершения провизии консоль будет доступна по адресу http://localhost:7654 (порт можно сконфигурировать в Vagrantfile)

Авторы: Петр Трофимов, Сергей Лысенко, Pentium10

** Previous version is available here**

Keywords: beanstalk, beanstalkd, queue, console, gui, admin, web admin, monitoring, stats, interface, php