Experimental script to upload a spreadsheet of data into a set of Fedora 4 collections (one per worksheet) and items (one per row)
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CSV file to Fedora Commons using PCDM lite

This is a python 3 script (which may also run under Python 2) designed to upload a tab separated CSV data file into Fedora 4 to populate a repository. Each row in the spreadsheet represents an Object or a Collection and Objects can reference associated files by path or URL.


This is pre-alpha, under documented experimental code being used to test Fedora 4. It may work for you and we're happy to help out if you are interested in getting it running but it is not designed to be production quality.


We very strong recommended that you use a virtual environment for working on this code, as you need to install libaries which are not available via pip.


From the root directory of this repo try this command (note the Fedora endpoint (-u) might be different for you):

python3 csv2f4.py -u http://localhost:8080 sample-data/first-fleet-maps.csv

If you have any questions raise an issue here.