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PubNub clients for C-Sharp based languages, including MS Windows C#/.net, Silveright, IIS, and Mono
C# ASP CSS HTML Ruby Makefile

Please direct all Support Questions and Concerns to

PubNub 3.7 C-sharp-based APIs

Learn more at


Nuget install supports .net 3.5/4.0/4.5/WP7.1/WP8/WP8.1/SL5/Window Store 8.0/8.1

Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.Mac, mono-for-linux and Unity SDKs are NOT supported using Nuget

Available in this repository

Microsoft Server

.net (3.7)

IIS web server (3.7)

Silverlight (3.7)

Microsoft Mobile

Windows Phone 7 (3.7)

Windows Phone 8 (3.7)

Windows Phone 8.1 (3.7)

Windows Store

Windows Store 8.0 (3.7)

Windows Store 8.1 (3.7)

Xamarin, Unity

Xamarin.Android / Mono for Android (3.7)

Xamarin.iOS / Mono Touch (3.7)

Unity 3D (3.6)


Mono for Linux (3.7)

Xamarin.Mac / Mono For Mac (3.7)

GTK+ (3.5) See the demo made under mono-for-linux

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