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Real-time Photo Sync - Powered By PubNub and S3, mostly PubNub.
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PubNub OmmShot - Real-time Mobile Photo Sync

OmmShot is a stack of technologies that allow mobile cameras to broadcast photo binary data in real-time to millions of viewers synchronously. This is a simple stack which uses a Mobile Phone and PubNub to sync live real-time photo data between many end points. Example use cases are

  • Live Blog Photo Stream via Mobile Phone
  • Instant Backup of Photos While to Online
  • Remote and Non-stationary Security Monitoring Systems

This repository contains the three pieces necessary to synchronize photo data in real-time starting at the Mobile Camera Phone as the source producer of the Image Content. The intermediate component is a python server which captures the photo data transmission and deploys to the storage service. In this case we are using S3. The final component is a viewer or

Note that a mandatory cloud service is being utilized for the coordination of all real-time events. PubNub provides the pivotal component that provides real-time human presence for mobile and web apps. By pressing the "Shoot Camera" button on your phone, PubNub will signal viewers on the other end that a new photo is available.

Directory Explanation

  1. Mobile ./mobile - Producer: Holds the Photo App to run on the iPhone/Android Phone. Based in Titanuim Mobile SDK:
  2. WebView ./webview - Consumer: Viewing Real-time Photos. Load this page to see the photos streamed to your browser instantly as the are Snapped with a Mobile Camera.
  3. Server ./server - Middle component which coordinates Uploads and Downloads. Utilizing PubNub Cloud as the Signaling Mechanism.
  4. Test ./test - Upload Simulation Test

API Keys

Note that this Repository includes WORKING API Keys. It is a good idea to obtain your own API keys.

  1. Open ./server/ and replace PUBNUB and S3 Credentials. PubNub Credentials available via and S3 Credentials available via
  2. Open ./webview/viewer.html and replace PUBNUB Credentials.

Setup of Code

You will need to install the mobile app on your phone, then run the Python Web Server, finally open the viewer.html file to see the photos stream in as you capture them via your mobile phone.

Web Server Handeler Setup: Python

Install Python Tornado via sudo pip install tornado or download source

Then execute python ./server/

Mobile Titanium Setup

Build Mobile Component with Titanium by dropping in the app.js file found in the mobile directory.

Replace url var for upload photo. This is found inside the ./mobile/app.js JavaScript File.

Install app on your mobile phone and launch.

Website View

Open ./webview/viewer.html in a web browser.

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