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Video Game Sound Converter, a wrapper for vgmstream to make it easier to use and support batch conversion.
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Video Game Sound Converter

Video Game Sound Converter (a.k.a. VGSC) is a wrapper for vgmstream, a program that can convert various video game sound formats to WAV. It was made to allow multiple file conversion and make it overall easier use. Credit for the actual conversion goes to hcs, who created vgmstream: Website, vgmstream repository

Different versions

This repository contains 2 different versions of the program; one made in Haxe, the other in C#. The latest and recommended version is the C# one, which has a GUI and additional option support (coming soon). The Haxe version is an older version that has been used in the past, but I am keeping the source available both for myself and anybody interested. However that version is not expected to be updated anymore.

Future features

  • Allow optional vgmstream arguments
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