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Symfony eclipse plugin.
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com.dubture.symfony.core Update to recent PDT changes
com.dubture.symfony.debug Sync with recent PDT Debugger changes
com.dubture.symfony.feature Require indexing feature
com.dubture.symfony.index Doctrine as standalone feature part 1 - Doctrine-Eclipse-Plugin/#7
com.dubture.symfony.test PDTT override
com.dubture.symfony.ui Move annotation highlighter to doctrine plugin
patches added requestor patch
.gitignore dependency cleanup
.travis.yml Update travis.yml (that now has first class Java support, not yet ann… Move annotation highlighter to doctrine plugin
LICENSE added annotation codeassist tests Improve service/routing CA
pom.xml Remove doctrine plugin annotation tests
projectSet.psf updated to 1.0.82

Symfony Eclipse Plugin

Build Status

Minimum Requirements

  • Java 6
  • Eclipse 4.3 (Kepler)

For a full list of features and the Updatesite link see

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