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Symfony bundle to provide PHP-FFmpeg as a Symfony service
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Symfony ffmpeg bundle

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This bundle provides a simple wrapper for the PHP_FFmpeg library, exposing the library as a Symfony service.

Example usage

Configure which ffmpeg binary to use in config.yml:

    ffmpeg_binary: /usr/bin/ffmpeg
    ffprobe_binary: /usr/bin/ffprobe
    binary_timeout: 300 # Use 0 for infinite
    threads_count: 4

Using the service:

    $ffmpeg = $this->get('dubture_ffmpeg.ffmpeg');

    // Open video
    $video = $ffmpeg->open('/your/source/folder/input.avi');

    // Resize to 1280x720
        ->resize(new Dimension(1280, 720), ResizeFilter::RESIZEMODE_INSET)

    // Start transcoding and save video
    $video->save(new X264(), '/your/target/folder/video.mp4');
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