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A facebook automated profile and reconnaissance system

this simple python script allows for automated profile activities such as: sending friend requests,populating profile information from a configuration file, populating content on the wall using the following content: youtube video links, news and quotes at random intervals . and crawling friends information on demand by just providing a profile link to the bot in addition it performs friend of friend crawling capabilities. below is the main tool menu:

usage: [-h] -c CONFIG [-b] [-B] [-t] [-cm] [-tm TARGET_MODE]

Welcome to facebot a facebook recon tool
               _|_     LETS BE FRIENDS.... ?.
        /\/\  (. .)  /
        `||'   |#|
         `---| . . |--.             | : : |  |_|
             `..-..' ( I )
              || ||   | |
              || ||   |_|
             |__|__|  (.)

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -c CONFIG, --config CONFIG
                        read config file
  -b, --build_profile   build "about me" section of the profile
  -B, --bot_mode        enables bot mode. this mode populates random content to the wall/ sends friend requests  in order to impersonate a real user
  -t, --test_mode       test mode
  -cm, --campaign_mode  enables  friend campaign mode. bot goes out and gathers friends of friends
  -tm TARGET_MODE, --target_mode TARGET_MODE
                        enables target mode. give it a friend profile id and the bot will crawl all infoz on his profile 

facebot is divided by two components. the script is the one that delivers instructions to the client bots. in this case the client would be

how to use this tool:

Before you install req*, do

sudo apt-get install build-essential python-dev libmysqlclient-dev

The latter will is needed by MySQL-Python,

pip install -r requirements.txt

'Warning: before executing masterbot you need to create the DB in order to store all the loot. the database squema in jpg form is shown on the repo'.

'warning: in order to leverage "target_mode" a fake facebook app needs to be created and an access token be created.' these steps were done manually due to lack of dev time but thats on the works...

1- execute masterbot. once masterbot has loaded it will listen on port 1337 and ready to dish out instructions

Masterbot listening on:

2 execute facebot client by providing a config file and a mode to operate on . there is a sample config file available for example purposes. in this case Bot mode was activated which populates content to the wall such as youtube videos, news and quotes.

python -c emma.cfg -B

#the Configuration file a sample config file has been shared however the fields above need a bit more of explanation.


      1 : female
      2 : male


      1 : single


      1 : women
      2 : men


     "facebook id of the city as per facebook"


      "facebook id of the city as per facebook"

#Instructions for getting target_mode to work

Until the process is automated, please use the following:

  1. Login to and create an app
  2. Go to or GET APP ID&client_secret=YOUR APP SECRET&grant_type=client_credentials
  3. Got to and place the access_token from the latter request to where it says Access Token. Click on Get Access Token
  4. Copy the Access Token and paste it in your config file; api_key:

any questions or suggestions on how to improve this tool i can be contacted at please use the subject [facebot] so i can better track the email.


A facebook profile and reconnaissance system



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