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Comsat Gradle Template

Comsat Gradle template project for both Dropwizard embedded and Tomcat standalone Java 1.7+ applications showing how to setup fiber-enabled servlets, Jersey (client and server), JDBC, Metrics and Apache HTTP Client. Tomcat 7/8 standalone deployments are managed through Cargo.

This is a port of the Comsat Maven Archetype at

Getting started

Just edit gradle/user-props.gradle. You might want to add JVM arguments and system properties in gradle/user-props.gradle and gradle/user-props.gradle, then feel free to play with the code or give it a try as it stands.

A good overview can be found in

Currently 3 profiles can be chosen through the env property: dropwizard, tomcat7 and tomcat8. To run them:

./gradlew -Penv=dropwizard run # CTRL+C to stop
./gradlew -Penv=tomcat7 clean test
./gradlew -Penv=tomcat7 cargoRunLocal # CTRL+C to stop
./gradlew -Penv=tomcat8 clean test
./gradlew -Penv=tomcat8 cargoRunLocal # CTRL+C to stop