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;;;; Copyright © 2015 Carousel Apps, Ltd
(ns to-jdbc-uri.core
(:require [clojure.string :as s]))
(defn- format-credentials [uri]
(when (.getUserInfo uri)
(let [[username password] (s/split (.getUserInfo uri) #":")]
(when-let [user-and-pass
(->> [(when username (str "user=" username))
(when password (str "password=" password))]
(remove nil?)
(s/join "&")
(str "?" user-and-pass)))))
(defn- format-query [uri sep-char]
(when-let [raw-query (.getRawQuery uri)]
(str sep-char raw-query)))
(defn- port [port]
(when-not (neg? port)
(defn- host-and-port [uri]
(s/join ":" (remove nil? [(.getHost uri) (port (.getPort uri))])))
(defn- format-jdbc-uri [uri db]
(str "jdbc:" db "://"
(host-and-port uri)
(.getPath uri)
(if-let [credentials (format-credentials uri)]
(str credentials (format-query uri "&"))
(format-query uri "?"))))
(defn to-jdbc-uri
"Convert a non-JDBC URI to a JDBC one."
(when (empty? uri)
(throw (Exception. "URI connection string cannot be empty!")))
(if (.startsWith uri "jdbc")
(let [parsed-uri ( uri)]
(case (.getScheme parsed-uri)
("postgres" "postgresql") (format-jdbc-uri parsed-uri "postgresql") ; Heroku uses postgres://, RedHat OpenShift uses postgresql://
"mysql" (format-jdbc-uri parsed-uri "mysql")
(throw (Exception. (str "Unsupported URI: " uri " please, submit an issue request and we'll try to add it. Pull requests also welcome")))))))