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We want Pupil to proliferate! We want you to use Pupil to empower and inspire whatever you do. Be it academic research, commercial work, teaching, art, or personally motivated projects.

We want you to be a member of the Pupil community and contribute as much as possible. The software is open and the hardware is modular and accessible. We encourage the modification of software in accordance to the open source license.


All source code written by us is open source in accordance with the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL v3.0) license. We encourage you to change and improve the code. We require that you will share your work with the Pupil community.


The camera mounts of the Pupil headset are open source for non-commercial use with the same license as the code - GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL v3.0) license. We distribute CAD files for camera mounts and document the interface geometry in the Pupil Hardware Development so that you can use different cameras or customize for your specific needs. Again, we encourage this and are excited to see new designs, ideas, and support for other camera models.

The actual frame of the Pupil headset is not open-source and distributed via Shapeways and direct sales. We do this for a few reasons:

  • The printed geometry is not the actual CAD file. It is the result of a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) simulation that is exported as a triangle mesh. The CAD file itself is useless because the headset does not fit well without the FEA step. The FEA is useless because it is hard to properly manipulate in a CAD environment.
  • The entire design is based on the material properties of laser sintered nylon. This is what allows the headset to be so light, flexible, and strong. Unless you own an EOS SLS machine, Shapeways will always outperform the field in terms of price. In other words: The headset does not make any sense in another material and the material/manufacturing is expensive when you buy it from somewhere other than Shapeways.

We take a markup fee for every headset to finance the Pupil project. This fee supports open source development, so that you can continue to get software for free!

If you have ideas and suggestions for improvements on the actual frame of the headset we are happy to collaborate closely on improvements. Contact us.


All content of the documentation written by us is open source, according to GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL v3.0) license.

Using Pupil in Your Research and Projects

You can use Pupil in your research, academic work, commercial work, art projects and personal work. We only ask you to credit us appropriately. See Academic Citation for samples.

Pupil is developed and maintained by Pupil Labs. If you make a contribution to open source, we will include your name in our Contributors page. For more information about the people behind the project, check out Pupil Labs.

Alternate Licensing

If you would like to use Pupil outside of the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL v3.0) license, contact us so we can discuss a options. Send an email to us at sales [at] pupil-labs [dot] com

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