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;;; rcirc-color.el --- color nicks
;; Copyright (C) 2005-2013 Alex Schroeder
;; Author: Alex Schroeder <>
;; Version: 0.2
;; Keywords: comm
;; This file is NOT part of GNU Emacs.
;; This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
;; modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
;; published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of
;; the License, or (at your option) any later version.
;; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be
;; useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied
;; PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public
;; License along with this program; if not, write to the Free
;; Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston,
;; MA 02111-1307 USA
;;; Commentary:
;; Use /COLOR to list all colored nicks with their color
;; Use /COLOR NICK COLOR to color NICK using COLOR
;;; Code:
(require 'rcirc)
(defun rcirc-color-distance (color1 color2)
"Compute the difference between two colors
using the weighted Euclidean distance formula proposed on
Remember that every component for the formula is in the range of 0-xFF
and `color-values' will return a range of 0-FFFF. Thus, divide everything
by 256. This also helps preventing integer overflow."
(let* ((dr (/ (- (nth 0 (color-values color1))
(nth 0 (color-values color2))) 256))
(dg (/ (- (nth 1 (color-values color1))
(nth 1 (color-values color2))) 256))
(db (/ (- (nth 2 (color-values color1))
(nth 2 (color-values color2))) 256))
(red-mean (/ (+ (nth 0 (color-values color1))
(nth 0 (color-values color2)))
2 256)))
(sqrt (+ (ash (* (+ 512 red-mean) dr dr) -8)
(* 4 dg dg)
(ash (* (- 767 red-mean) db db) -8)))))
(defvar rcirc-colors
(let ((min-distance 200); heuristics
(bg (face-background 'default))
(fg (face-foreground 'rcirc-my-nick))
(dolist (item color-name-rgb-alist)
(let ((color (car item)))
(when (and (not (color-gray-p color))
(> (rcirc-color-distance color bg) min-distance)
(> (rcirc-color-distance color fg) min-distance))
(setq candidates (cons color candidates)))))
"Colors to use for nicks in rcirc.
By default, all the non-grey colors that are very different from
the default background are candidates. This uses `rcirc-color-distance'
to compute distance between colors.
To check out the list, evaluate (list-colors-display rcirc-colors).")
(defvar rcirc-color-mapping (make-hash-table :test 'equal)
"Hash-map mapping nicks to color names.")
(defvar rcirc-color-is-deterministic nil
"Normally rcirc just assigns random colors to nicks.
These colors are based on the list in `rcirc-colors'.
If you set this variable to a non-nil value, an md5 hash is
computed based on the nickname and the first twelve bytes are
used to determine the color: #rrrrggggbbbb.")
(defadvice rcirc-facify (before rcirc-facify-colors last activate)
"Add colors to other nicks based on `rcirc-colors'."
(when (and (eq face 'rcirc-other-nick)
(not (string= string "")))
(let ((cell (gethash string rcirc-color-mapping)))
(unless cell
(setq cell (cons 'foreground-color
(if rcirc-color-is-deterministic
(concat "#" (substring (md5 string) 0 12))
(elt rcirc-colors (random (length rcirc-colors))))))
(puthash (substring-no-properties string) cell rcirc-color-mapping))
(setq face (list cell)))))
(defun rcirc-markup-nick-colors (sender response)
(with-syntax-table rcirc-nick-syntax-table
(while (re-search-forward "\\w+" nil t)
(let ((face (gethash (match-string-no-properties 0) rcirc-color-mapping)))
(when face
(rcirc-add-face (match-beginning 0) (match-end 0) face))))))
(add-to-list 'rcirc-markup-text-functions 'rcirc-markup-nick-colors)
(defun-rcirc-command color (args)
"Change one of the nick colors."
(setq args (split-string args))
(rcirc-do-color (car args) (cadr args) process target))
(defun rcirc-do-color (nick color process target)
"Implement /COLOR."
(if (not nick)
(let (names)
(maphash (lambda (key value)
0 (length key)
`(face (,value) help-echo ,(cdr value))
(setq names (cons key names)))
(rcirc-print process (rcirc-nick process) "NOTICE" target
(mapconcat 'identity names " ")))
(unless color
(error "Use what color?"))
(puthash nick (cons 'foreground-color color) rcirc-color-mapping)))
(defadvice rcirc-handler-NICK (before rcirc-handler-NICK-colors activate)
"Update colors in `rcirc-color-mapping'."
(let* ((old-nick (rcirc-user-nick sender))
(cell (gethash old-nick rcirc-color-mapping))
(new-nick (car args)))
;; don't delete the old mapping
(when cell
(puthash new-nick cell rcirc-color-mapping))))
;;; --- Alternative ----------------------------------------------------
;; An alternate method proposed here:
;; Let's not confuse Circe users. Only define this stuff when it
;; hasn't been defined.
(when (not (fboundp 'circe-w3-contrast-generate-contrast-color))
(defsubst circe-w3-contrast-c-to-l (c)
(if (<= c 0.03928)
(/ c 12.92)
(expt (/ (+ c 0.055) 1.055) 2.4)))
(defsubst circe-w3-contrast-relative-luminance (rgb)
(apply '+
(cl-mapcar (lambda (color coefficient)
(* coefficient
(circe-w3-contrast-c-to-l color)))
'(0.2126 0.7152 0.0722))))
(defsubst circe-w3-contrast-contrast-ratio (color1 color2)
(let ((l1 (+ 0.05 (circe-w3-contrast-relative-luminance color1)))
(l2 (+ 0.05 (circe-w3-contrast-relative-luminance color2))))
(if (> l1 l2)
(/ l1 l2)
(/ l2 l1))))
(defsubst circe-w3-contrast-rand ()
(/ (random 42001) 42000.0))
(defsubst circe-w3-contrast-l-to-c (m)
(if (<= m (/ 0.03928 12.92))
(* m 12.92)
(- (* (expt m (/ 1 2.4))
(defsubst circe-w3-contrast-nn (n)
(cond ((< n 0) 0)
((> n 1) 1)
(t n)))
(defsubst circe-w3-contrast-color-with-luminance-higher-than (N)
(let* ((Rc 0.2126)
(Gc 0.7152)
(Bc 0.0722)
(R-min-lum (circe-w3-contrast-nn (/ (- N Gc Bc) Rc)))
(R-min-color (circe-w3-contrast-l-to-c R-min-lum))
(R-color (+ R-min-color (* (circe-w3-contrast-rand) (- 1 R-min-color))))
(R-lum (* Rc (circe-w3-contrast-c-to-l R-color)))
(G-min-lum (circe-w3-contrast-nn (/ (- N R-lum Bc) Gc)))
(G-min-color (circe-w3-contrast-l-to-c G-min-lum))
(G-color (+ G-min-color (* (circe-w3-contrast-rand) (- 1 G-min-color))))
(G-lum (* Gc (circe-w3-contrast-c-to-l G-color)))
(B-min-lum (circe-w3-contrast-nn (/ (- N R-lum G-lum) Bc)))
(B-min-color (circe-w3-contrast-l-to-c B-min-lum))
(B-color (+ B-min-color (* (circe-w3-contrast-rand) (- 1 B-min-color))))
(B-lum (* Bc (circe-w3-contrast-c-to-l B-color))))
(list R-color G-color B-color)))
(defsubst circe-w3-contrast-color-with-luminance-lower-than (N)
(let* ((Rc 0.2126)
(Gc 0.7152)
(Bc 0.0722)
(R-max-lum (circe-w3-contrast-nn (/ N Rc)))
(R-max-color (circe-w3-contrast-l-to-c R-max-lum))
(R-color (* R-max-color (circe-w3-contrast-rand)))
(R-lum (* Rc (circe-w3-contrast-c-to-l R-color)))
(G-max-lum (circe-w3-contrast-nn (/ (- N R-lum) Gc)))
(G-max-color (circe-w3-contrast-l-to-c G-max-lum))
(G-color (* G-max-color (circe-w3-contrast-rand)))
(G-lum (* Gc (circe-w3-contrast-c-to-l G-color)))
(B-max-lum (circe-w3-contrast-nn (/ (- N R-lum G-lum) Bc)))
(B-max-color (circe-w3-contrast-l-to-c B-max-lum))
(B-color (* B-max-color (circe-w3-contrast-rand)))
(B-lum (* Bc (circe-w3-contrast-c-to-l B-color))))
(list R-color G-color B-color)))
(defsubst circe-w3-contrast-generate-contrast-color (color ratio)
(let ((color-lum (circe-w3-contrast-relative-luminance color)))
(if (< color-lum (- (/ 1.0 ratio) 0.05))
(circe-w3-contrast-color-with-luminance-higher-than (+ (* (+ color-lum 0.05) ratio) 0.05))
(circe-w3-contrast-color-with-luminance-lower-than (- (/ (+ color-lum 0.05) ratio) 0.05))))))
(defun rcirc-colors-reset-using-g18 ()
"This resets the random colors used.
`rcirc-colors' is set to 1000 random colors with a contrast ratio
of 4.5 compared to the default background color. If you call this
function, you might want to reset `rcirc-color-mapping' as well."
(setq rcirc-colors nil)
(dotimes (n 1000)
(let ((rgb (circe-w3-contrast-generate-contrast-color
(face-background 'default) 7)))
(setq rcirc-colors (cons (apply 'color-rgb-to-hex rgb)
;; Test the colors generated:
;; (rcirc-colors-reset-using-g18)
;; (list-colors-display rcirc-colors)
(provide 'rcirc-color)
;;; rcirc-color.el ends here