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Let Emacs' ibuffer-mode group files by git project etc., and show file state
Emacs Lisp
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ibuffer-vc: Group buffers in ibuffer list by VC project

Emacs' ibuffer-mode is a wonderful replacement for the built-in list-buffer command, and allows buffers to be grouped programatically, e.g. by major mode.

If, like me, you mostly work on version-controlled files, you might like to see your buffers grouped by the associated version control project.

That's where ibuffer-vc comes in: it lets you:

  • Group your buffers by their parent vc root directory
  • See the VC status of the associated files
  • Sort buffers by their VC status


ibuffer-vc screenshot

How to install

See ibuffer-vc.el, or (preferred) install from MELPA.

Steve Purcell's blog // @sanityinc on Twitter

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