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purescript-lumi-components Build Status

This is a component library focused on Lumi's specific UI and UX needs. Available components are found in src/components.

Goals and Roadmap

See for more info.


bower i -S purescript-lumi-components

To use the styles that come with these components the CSS needs to be injected into the page. The easiest way to do this is to run the attachGlobalComponentStyles effect available in Lumi.Components.Styles one time as your application initializes.

You will also need a few npm dependencies. These dependencies and their versions must be compatible with the ones listed here.

Local development

npm i; npx bower i; npx pulp build
npm start

You can run production builds (output minified, static files to build/) using npm run build.

Tagging a new release

pulp version 0.x.y
pulp publish
npm run deploy

Don't use npm version!


See for more info.