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There are various alternatives to psc's default JavaScript backend:

Actively Maintained

source code PS version Target Usability
andyarvanitis/purescript-native 0.14.x C++11 or Go all applicable tests in purescript/tests/purs/passing are passing
purerl/purerl 0.15.3 Erlang
pure-c/purec C (Clang)
purenix-org/purenix 0.14.4 Nix


source code PS version Target
lua-purescript/purescript Lua
slamdata/truffled-purescript 0.7.5.x Truffle (Graal)
osa1/psc-lua 0.5.x Lua
Gabriel439/Purescript-to-Python Python
PyreScript 0.9.1 Python
tfausak/thran 0.11.6 Haskell (GHC)
andyarvanitis/purescript-clojure Clojure (JVM)
csicar/pskt Kotlin
purescript-python/purescript-python 0.13.x Python >= 3.5
epost/psc-query 0.11.7 Datalog
paulyoung/pureswift Swift