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psc-package is an executable which helps manage PureScript dependencies via Git. It can be used directly, but it is also designed to be used by external tools.

See the guide to learn how to use Psc-Package.


  • Download the binary for your platform from the releases page, and copy it somewhere on your PATH, or
  • Build from source, using stack install.

If you're a Windows Chocolatey user, then you can install psc-package from the official repo:

$ choco install psc-package


# install or update the dependencies listed in psc-package.json
$ psc-package install

# install or update the package and add it to psc-package.json if not listed
$ psc-package install <package>

# list available commands
$ psc-package --help

Design Goals

  • psc-package should enable simple package management without the need to run Node (compare with Bower).
  • psc-package should enable reproducible builds, at least as far as reproducing PureScript dependencies.
  • psc-package should have a good out-of-the-box user experience (compare with Stack in Haskell), while still supporting custom package sets for advanced use cases.
  • psc-package should only depend on tools which are available on all systems (for example, the Git client)
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