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SPOJ like judge to automatically judge the submitted solution.
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Aurora v2

Aurora is an open source OJ inspired by SPOJ. Derived from its initial version Aurora-Online-Judge. This version improves exsisting features by removing many redundant procedures, using sockets, easy load distribution and also increases security, scalibily to meet the need of a small scale organization. Its web interface is redesigned from scratch to make it look more SPOJ like so that users find it to comfortable to adjust and can also serve as a platform for practice as well as compete with other teams. Few features were added so that the administrators find it easy to handle. It is designed to meet the requirement specific to CQM matches hosted at BIT Mesra but most of its components can be easily changed to meet requirement of any other organisation.

Setup Judge

Aurora is divided into two parts

  1. Web Interface
  2. Python scripts which compiles, executes and tests the correctiveness of the solution.

Both these components communicates with each other and interacts with the database. Setup guidelines can be found inside each of these components or you can also refer to our Setup Guide.

Having issue with Aurora?

See if our FAQ Page has solution to your problem.

If not then raise an issue here. I will try my best to solve it as soon as possible (no promises though).

Want to contribute?

Just create a PR on a seprate branch with appropriate name and describe the changes thoroughly. Also make sure you have full ownership of the code you submit.


  • Kaustubh Karkare, creator of Aurora Online Judge from which this version was derived.
  • Siddhartha Sahu, created functions.php which is extensively used for database interaction.


Released under the MIT License.

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