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@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ assumptions are true:
modify it, there is no magic proxy that can give you a reference to
the application object you're currently creating or modifying.
-On the contrast, during request handling, a couple of other rules exist:
+In contrast, during request handling, a couple of other rules exist:
- while a request is active, the context local objects
(:data:`flask.request` and others) point to the current request.
@@ -66,6 +66,29 @@ event loop::
.. _greenlet:
.. _libevent:
+Twisted Web
+`Twisted Web`_ is the web server shipped with `Twisted`_, a mature,
+non-blocking event-driven networking library. Twisted Web comes with a
+standard WSGI container which can be controlled from the command line using
+the ``twistd`` utility::
+ twistd web --wsgi
+This example will run a Flask application called ``app`` from a module named
+Twisted Web supports many flags and options, and the ``twistd`` utility does
+as well; see ``twistd -h`` and ``twistd web -h`` for more information. For
+example, to run a Twisted Web server in the foreground, on port 8080, with an
+application from ``myproject``::
+ twistd -n web --port 8080 --wsgi
+.. _Twisted:
+.. _Twisted Web:
.. _deploying-proxy-setups:
Proxy Setups
@@ -211,7 +211,7 @@ functions)::
def utility_processor():
def format_price(amount, currency=u'€'):
- return u'{0:.2f}{1}.format(amount, currency)
+ return u'{0:.2f}{1}'.format(amount, currency)
return dict(format_price=format_price)
The context processor above makes the `format_price` function available to all

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