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Drawing Mustaches on Perl, for fun and profit
Perl Perl6
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Latest commit bf46bcc Dec 10, 2015 @yanick yanick preps for release
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bin rename mustache to Dec 10, 2015
ext Conforming to the most recent spec changes. Jan 27, 2011
lib/Template preps for release Dec 10, 2015
t Adding an (optional) render argument to lambdas. Feb 1, 2011
.gitignore Adding a basic Makefile.PL. Jan 2, 2011
.shipit Adding a basic ShipIt file. Jan 10, 2011
Makefile.PL preps for release Dec 10, 2015 Update README URLs based on HTTP redirects Dec 9, 2015 Adding benchmarking code. Jan 6, 2011


Template::Mustache is a port of the Mustache templating language to Perl.

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