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Northeast Florida Geek Grilling and Sous Vide

This book describes grilling and sous vide cooking from the perspective of a software engineer, a person who makes a living by developing software and building software systems.

Some software developers apply their analytical skills beyond their job responsibilities and such folks are sometimes called "geeks". This book are for the geeks who like to cook and like to eat tasty and healthy food.

The books starts with "requirements" - the problem we are trying to solve by cooking and constraints we are facing and/or placing on the nutritioning process, which includes cooking.

Then is describes the "technology stack" - different cooking utensils used in the process. Then it covers the cooking steps and their combinations describing the differences between step sequences.

The book focuses on two types of food cooking - grilling and sous vide and on a small set of meats - beef, pork, lamb, chicken, salmon, corvina, and shrimp.

There is a short chapter at the end about side-dishes.

The book is specific to the Northeast Florida, Jacksonville and Saint Augustine area in particular, because it mentions names and locations of the food stores and food items which you can be bought in these stores.

The author in not affiliated with neither any of the food stores mentioned in the book nor with any manufacturers and distributors of cooking utensils described in the book.

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