Yuki is a tiny web CMS that uses plain HTML files for content and some basic scripts for digests of this content.
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Yuki Content Management

Yuki is a very simple Content Management system. Its intention is to provide basic access to HTML-files on an Apache Web Server running with PHP. You don't need a database to get started, but there will be extensions that provide database access.

Development of this project has been discontinued. Expect things to break.

Getting started

All you need is an Apache HTTP Server with a PHP installation and the Apache module mod_rewrite.

  1. You may rename the public folder to whatever your document root folder is called. (Usually it is htdocs, html or www.)

  2. Then you may edit the lib/conf.php according to the instructions in the file.

Now you are able to add your HTML files and whatever you like.

Example site

There's a tiny example project available if you git checkout example-site. Just have a look.

If you need a real life example look at genitis.org and the genitis repo respectively.

Current development

At the moment I am developing a module for adding commenting functionality to documents. Simply git checkout mod-comment