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RTL00(RTL8710AF) Test MP3
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RTL00(RTL8710AF) Test MP3 SDK V3.5.2 GCC

MP3 stereo player V0004
Module RTL00(RTL8710AF), F11AMIM13 (RTL8711AM), F11AFIM13-B1 (RTL8711AF)
PADI (RTL8710AF), F10AFIM13-B1 (RTL8710AF), TinyCon2005-A-BE (RTL8711AF),
WFM-400 (RTL8711AM), WFM-410 (RTL8711AF), WFM-250 (RTL8195AM),
AW-CU238, AW-CU239 (RTL8711AM), AW-CU245, AW-CU245, AW-CU245 (RTL8711AM/RTL8195AM/RTL8711AF),
WG6611 (RTL8711AM), RAK473 (RTL8711AM), RAK474, RAK476 (RTL8711AF), 6110R-IF (RTL8710AF),
MJIOT-AMB-01 (RTL8710AF), MJIOT-AMB-02 (RTL8195AM), ...

RTL00 module (RTL8710AF)


Только Тест!

PWM Out GC_2 and PE_2 (2 канала по 96Bit на один исходный sample 48 кГц)

Console command (RX/TX GB1/GB0 38400 baud):

ATWS=<URL,PORT>: MP3 Connect to URL
ATWS=<c>[lose]: Close MP3
ATWS=<r>[ead]: Read MP3 URL
ATWS=<s>[ave]: Save MP3 URL
ATWS=<?>: URL Info
ATWD: WIFI Disconnect
ATST: Memory info
ATLW: Lwip Info
ATSB=<ADDRES(hex)>[,COUNT(dec)]: Dump byte register
ATSD=<ADDRES(hex)>[,COUNT(dec)]: Dump dword register
ATSW=<ADDRES(hex)>,<DATA(hex)>: Set register
ATDS=[TIME(ms)]: Deep sleep
ATON: Open connections
ATOF: Close connections
?: This Help

По умолчанию, в качестве JTAG используется J-Link STLink V2.

Используемое ПО

JTAG/SWD Drivers:

Изначальные версии для дополнений исходников и SDK:
от PADI IoT Stamp Resources – PINE64:


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