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Cargo Do

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Allows you to put multiple cargo commands on one line, e.g.

$ cargo do clean, update, build


cargo install cargo-do

From Source

Build the cargo-do binary and put it in the same directory as cargo. So, if you are on a *nix system, you could do the following:

$ git clone
$ cd cargo-do
$ cargo build
$ cp target/cargo-do $(dirname $(which cargo))/

Verify that it is correctly installed by checking that do is in the command list:

$ cargo --list | egrep "do$"

Using commas in your commands

Since cargo-do uses commas to delimit commands, you have to be careful when trying to run a command with a comma in it.

For example, this command will not run properly:

$ cargo do update, build, bench --bench "why are there commas, here"

It will be treated as if you did this:

$ cargo update
$ cargo build
$ cargo bench --bench "why are there commas
$ cargo here"

Which is obviously not what you want.

Because of the magic of shell escaping, you have a couple choices on how to get around this:

$ cargo do bench --bench "why are there commas\, here"


$ cargo do bench --bench why are there commas \\, here

However you want to do it, cargo-do will not delimit commands on an escaped comma.