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Sign Up For Tutorials

The tutorials at PyCon Canada have a limited capacity of up to 50 people. If you're interested in attending one of the PyCon Canada tutorials, please sign-up in advance below.

You can sign up by logging into your GitHub account, which will allow you to edit the page. The "edit" button in the top right of this page, and add your name to the lists.

If you do not have access to edit this page, please send us an email at

Note: that you must already have a ticket to PyCon Canada 2019 to attend.

We will also be using this list to send out any tutorial requirements (things that you should have installed on your laptop before arriving at the tutorial).

Presenter Name

Date and Time


Software requirements:

Add your name here:

Presenter Name: Susan Li

Date and Time: Saturday November 16 10:30 AM - 11:25 AM

Description: Do-it-yourself Natural Language Processing for makers

Susan Li walks you through deep learning methods for natural language processing (NLP) tasks using Python and open source libraries, using a live example. Methods include word2vec embedding, recurrent neural networks (RNN) and convolutional neural networks (CNN). This is a hands-on approach to framing a real-world problem to the underlying NLP tasks and building a NLP application using Deep Learning. If you are a data scientist or software developer with experience in Python who wants to develop natural language processing software, this talk is for you.

Add your name here:

  1. Marnie Landon
  2. Deborah Harris
  3. Gurinder Ghotra
  4. Ryan Scott
  5. Raul Samayoa
  6. Rachel Wang
  7. Tejinder Singh
  8. Swapnil Kotecha
  9. Nimmy Thomas
  10. Thomas Krennwallner
  11. Julien Beaulieu
  12. Amal Boukhdhir
  13. Maxime Leroux
  14. Nadia Rauch
  15. Shohei Kato
  16. Pek Chhan
  17. Gurpreet Dhillon
  18. Rohit Garg
  19. Ashley Ee
  20. Rahul Malhotra
  21. Victoria Mothersill
  22. Atticus Yang
  23. Robert Mix
  24. Jeremy Stairs
  25. Ian Preston
  26. Fatima Taj
  27. David Reiss
  28. Kelly Bell
  29. Johnny Cochrane
  30. Kyrylo Bessonov
  31. Obiamaka Agbaneje
  32. Sabeur Lafi
  33. Karthik Balakrishnan
  34. Daniel Jordán
  35. Joao MC Teixeira
  36. Marni Tam
  37. Santiago Mendoza
  38. Chaya Danzinger
  39. Abe Chan
  40. Inderpreet S. Baweja
  41. Jean-Francois Labonte
  42. Marie-Christine Bastarache-
  43. Mabrouk Ouchen
  44. Amine Hedroug
  45. Razaik Boparai
  46. Ronald Lira
  47. Ji Chen
  48. Saman A. Pour
  49. Sanoar Khan

This tutorial is now full (room capacity is 50). If you no longer wish to attend, please remove yourself so others on the waitlist can.


  1. Andrew Francis
  2. Julius D'Silva
  3. Swarnika Tiwari
  4. Sunmin Kim
  5. Qinglei Zhang
  6. Gabriele Marras
  7. Jaideep Bajwa
  8. Kang Ming Tay
  9. Mahammad Ismayilzada
  10. Andy Yang
  11. Daniel Adam Cebula
  12. Tony Feng
  13. Ravi Kalia
  14. Jordan Lund
  15. Peter Yang

Presenter Name: Aaron Wislang

Date and Time: Saturday November 16 @ 13:30

Description: Container Workflows for Python Developers

In this workshop we will go hands on with container workflows for Python developers. Expect something for everyone -- whether you are looking to containerize your first Python application, already run your own Kubernetes cluster, need to wrangle mountains of ML, or prefer "CI/CD to do it for me". Let's explore how containers and the cloud can make hard things easy and developers more productive with real-world scenarios and techniques that you will start using today.

Software requirements:

Add your name here:

  1. Elaine Wong
  2. Daniel Vergara
  3. Tejinder Singh
  4. Swapnil Kotecha
  5. Valery Calderón
  6. Amal Boukhdhir
  7. Mike Kelly
  8. Jessica David
  9. Gurpreet Dhillon
  10. Rohit Garg
  11. Rahul Malhotra
  12. Victoria Mothersill
  13. Atticus Yang
  14. Robert Mix
  15. Ian Preston
  16. Kavita Srinivasan
  17. Maia Haltiner
  18. Hughie Coles
  19. Saeed Shoaraee
  20. Johnny Cochrane
  21. Kyrylo Bessonov
  22. Paras Bhatia
  23. Serge Basso
  24. Sabeur Lafi
  25. Zohreh Hosseinzadeh
  26. Jasminder Kaur
  27. Karthik Balakrishnan
  28. Anthony Tan
  29. Daniel Jordán
  30. Joao MC Teixeira
  31. Santiago Mendoza
  32. Alan J Castonguay
  33. Gabriel Campanella
  34. Anatoli Chiciuc
  35. Abe Chan
  36. Inderpreet S. Baweja
  37. Mabrouk Ouchen
  38. Amine Hedroug
  39. Razaik Boparai
  40. Ronald Lira
  41. Ji Chen
  42. Sanoar Khan
  43. Howard Schneider
  44. Daniel Adam Cebula
  45. Zhaolong Zhu
  46. Brandon Wells
  47. David Lieu
  48. Julius D'Silva

This tutorial is now full (room capacity is 50). If you no longer wish to attend, please remove yourself so others on the waitlist can.


  1. Nauman Rana
  2. Jason Klimock
  3. Xavier Mercure-Gagnon
  4. Imran Ariffin
  5. Alexander Jurcau
  6. Dillon Aykac
  7. Mahammad Ismayilzada
  8. Stan Stepniewski
  9. Corey Maher
  10. Michael Landry
  11. Thomas Van Zuiden
  12. Ravi Kalia
  13. Jordan Lund
  14. Julien Beaulieu
  15. Christopher McTague
  16. Mark Fingerhuth

Presenter Name: Mafinar Khan (@mafinar)

Date and Time: Saturday November 16 4:00 - 4:55 PM

Description: Query better with Django ORM

The ORM is a powerful and vital part of Django. It is simple and intuitive, but often some of the features are under utilized, leading to inefficiencies. In this cookbook style session, a selection of nontrivial query use cases will be presented, each introducing an ORM feature. Features covered are- advanced querying techniques, database functions, and performance optimization. It will be an interactive session and participants are encouraged to share knowledge and ask questions based on real-life experiences. The tutorial will end with a discussion on recent and upcoming ORM features.

Presentation Link | Github Repository

Software requirements:

  • Python 3.5+
  • Django 2.2+
  • Postgresql 9+

Add your name here:

  1. Serge Basso
  2. Gurinder Ghotra
  3. Ryan Scott
  4. Tejinder Singh
  5. Thomas Krennwallner
  6. Valery Calderon
  7. Renga
  8. Paras Bhatia
  9. Vincent Poirier
  10. Gurpreet Dhillon
  11. Rohit
  12. Robert Mix
  13. Maia Haltiner
  14. Hughie Coles
  15. Saeed Shoaraee
  16. Kyrylo Bessonov
  17. Zohreh Hosseinzadeh
  18. Jasminder Kaur
  19. Mohesan Sreekuladevan
  20. Igor Vasilev
  21. Michael Dennis
  22. Daniel Adam Cebula
  23. Ethan Morrill-Ploum
  24. Dustin Singer
  25. Mandeep Ahlawat
  26. Daniele Brandimarte
  27. Mike Bechard
  28. David Lieu
  29. Sunmin Kim
  30. Niall Byrne
  31. Ravi Kalia
  32. Mirko Vucicevich
  33. Kelly Bell
  34. Kelvin Chan
  35. Maxim Ulyanov
  36. Steve Constable

Presenter Name: Jamon Camisso

Date and Time Sunday November 17 @ 11:00am

Description: Python & Kubernetes a match made in the cloud

In this workshop, you will learn how you can deploy and scale Python applications using Kubernetes. You will quickly be introduced to the benefits of this container-orchestration system and be offered some guidelines to help you decide if it’s a tool for you. Once your machine is configured using the CLI, the remainder of the tutorial will be about deploying a Python web application in the cloud within a Kubernetes cluster.

Presentation is here And code is available here

Software requirements:

Bring your own computer and create a free account on DigitalOcean (use this link for a 50$ credit for new accounts). Or sign up using for free access to a team account for the workshop (no payment details required).

  1. Docker to build and run application images. Installation instructions here.

  2. kubectl to interact with a Kubernetes cluster directly from your computer. Installation instructions here.

Add your name here:

  1. Daniel Vergara

  2. Tejinder Singh

  3. Valery Calderon

  4. Mike Kelly

  5. Gurpreet Dhillon

  6. Rohit Garg

  7. Marc Laforet

  8. Rahul Malhotra

  9. Robert Mix

  10. Maia Haltiner

  11. Maxim Ulyanov

  12. Hughie Coles

  13. Saeed Shoaraee

  14. Kyrylo Bessonov

  15. Obiamaka Agbaneje

  16. Sabeur Lafi

  17. Zohreh Hosseinzadeh

  18. Jasminder Kaur

  19. Karthik Balakrishnan

  20. Anthony Tan

  21. Santiago Mendoza

  22. Alan J Castonguay

  23. Abe Chan

  24. Inderpreet S. Baweja

  25. Razaik Boparai

  26. Pierre Paul Lefebvre

  27. Sanoar Khan

  28. Brandon Wells

  29. Chaya Danzinger

  30. David Lieu

  31. Harsh Patel

  32. Saisivaramaprasad Rayabharapu

  33. Sunmin Kim

  34. Jeremy Stairs

  35. Kerem Balci

  36. Gurinder Ghotra

  37. Susan Shu Chang

  38. Jean-Francois Labonte

  39. Nauman Rana

  40. Jason Klimock

  41. Xavier Mercure-Gagnon

  42. Jérémy Laurent

  43. Imran Ariffin

This tutorial is now full (room capacity is 50). If you no longer wish to attend, please remove yourself so others on the waitlist can.


  1. Jaideep Bajwa
  2. Mahammad Ismayilzada
  3. Andy Yang
  4. Shohei Kato
  5. Jared Hildebrandt
  6. Michael Landry
  7. Ravi Kalia
  8. Jordan Lund
  9. Christopher McTague
  10. Xiaojun Su
  11. Nikita Dua
  12. Andy Birla
  13. Zhaolong Zhuu
  14. Kevin Zhang
  15. Veronica Wu

Presenter Name: Kyle Kotowick

Date and Time: Sunday November 17 2:45 PM - 3:40 PM

Description: A need for speed: accelerating your math with vectorization and Numpy

While Python is an extremely versatile language, it isn't exactly known for its blazing performance. When developing math-intensive applications, particularly on low-power devices such as single-board computers, this can become a real issue. This talk provides an introduction to vectorization and libraries designed to support it (such as Numpy), giving you the tools you need to eliminate those pesky for loops and achieve a drastic performance boost.

Software requirements:

Add your name here:

  1. Raul Samayoa
  2. Tejinder Singh
  3. Thomas Krennwallner
  4. Nimmy Thomas
  5. Paras Bhatia
  6. Julien Beaulieu
  7. Amal Boukhdhir
  8. Maxime Leroux
  9. David Ing
  10. Rahul Malhotra
  11. Victoria Mothersill
  12. Saeed Shoaraee
  13. Kyrylo Bessonov
  14. Alissa Brayley
  15. Obiamaka Agbaneje
  16. Sabeur Lafi
  17. Zohreh Hosseinzadeh
  18. Jasminder Kaur
  19. Andy Palmer
  20. Joao MC Teixeira
  21. Santiago Mendoza
  22. Inderpreet S. Baweja
  23. Tim von Hahn
  24. Mabrouk Ouchen
  25. Amine Hedroug
  26. Ali Jina
  27. Ronald Lira
  28. Ji Chen
  29. Daniel Adam Cebula
  30. Kim Estelo
  31. Swarnika Tiwari
  32. Sunmin Kim
  33. Jason Klimock
  34. Jaideep Bajwa
  35. Andy Yang
  36. Shohei Kato
  37. Stan Stepniewski
  38. Corey Maher
  39. Robert Keyes
  40. Ravi Kalia
  41. Renee Chan
  42. Xiaojun Su
  43. Kevin Zhang
  44. Jing Guo
  45. Veronica Wu
  46. Gabriele Marras
  47. Gurinder Ghotra
  48. Andy Birla
  49. Nikita Dua
  50. Anshu Mathur