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PyDota2 Framework Integrated with DotaService
Python Shell
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PyDota2 Framework Integrated with DotaService, DotaWorld and DotaClient

Building / Installing

The following command should pull down the pydota2 repo with all submodules also recursively pulled down (up to 8 simulatenously)

git clone --recurse-submodules -j8 git

Once the clone completes you should have a at the top-level pydota2 directory. So...

cd pydota2


This should build all the appropriate modules needed to run the system. dotaservice, dotaworld, pydota2

Note, dotaclient is not built as a module b/c we launch code from within it directly on the command shell (it depends on how you want to run the AI - distributed over K8s, locally, seeded with a pretrained model, etc.).


First, launch the dotaservice module

python3.7 -m dotaservice

Next, launch the dotaclient optimizer

python dotaclient/

Finally, launch the dotaclient agent (with options you want)

python dotaclient/ [--local True] [--pretrained-model <PATH>]

As the agent runs it will put updated models of what it learned in the runs/ directory (subdirectories named by date/time of execution)


Much of this code is co-developed with Tim Zaman and his work on a Dota2 gRPC service and AI-agent.

Tim Zaman

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