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This script generates a small report of the recent activity of a fellow Fedora contributor using either his FAS login or his email address.

The script checks:

  • Last login on a website using FAS
  • Last builds on koji
  • Last update on Bodhi (not yet implemented)
  • Last update on bugzilla (takes a while and may not work on F16)
  • Last email set to mailing lists
  • Last actions recorded by fedmsg

The mailing lists considered are set at the top of the script, at the moment, they are: fedora.devel fedora.artwork fedora.desktop fedora.epel.devel fedora.extras.packaging fedora.fonts fedora.general fedora.infrastructure fedora.kde fedora.perl They are checked using gmane's function to search by sender's email.

This script depends on the fedora-cert package.