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nagios check for graphite metrics
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check_graphite is a nagios module to query graphite



check_graphite -H '

check_graphite -H "" -M collectd.somebox.load.load.midterm -w 1 -c 2 -N load WARNING|load=1.4400000000000002;;;;

check_graphite accepts the following options:

  • -H or --endpoint: the graphite HTTP endpoint which can be queried
  • -M' or--metric`: the metric expression which will be queried, it can be an expression
  • -F or --from: time frame for which to query metrics, defaults to "30seconds"
  • -N or --name: name to give to the metric, defaults to "value"
  • -U or --username: username used for basic authentication
  • -P or --password: password used for basic authentication
  • -w: warning threshold for the metric
  • -c: critical threshold for the metric
  • -t: timeout after which the metric should be considered unknown
  • --ignore-missing: return OK when the metric doesn't exist yet e.g. errors have not occurred

How it works

check_graphite, asks for a small window of metrics, and computes an average over the last valid points collected, it then checks the value against supplied thresholds. Thresholds are expressed in the format given in The Nagios Developer Guidelines.

NaN values are not taken into account in the average

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