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PyroScope CLI Tools Usage

This section is automatically generated and shows the options available in the development version of the code (git HEAD). See :doc:`usage` for more details on how to use these commands.

rTorrent XMLRPC

See the Commands Reference in the rTorrent Handbook for a list of available commands and what they do. The Scripting Guide explains how all these fit together.

XMLRPC Migration

The syntax of XMLRPC commands changed with rTorrent version 0.8.9, and continues to change. The old command names and behavior were replaced with aliases and marked for deprecation, so they still work for now, but don't rely on that and use the new names instead.

See XMLRPC Migration in the GitHub wiki for details.

Books & Other Knowledge Sources

This and related documentation cannot teach all you need to know in order to run a torrent client and manage the server it is installed on.

So here are a few references to either books or web resources that help you to improve your basic know-how, in case you have trouble following some parts of the docs.

Linux / CLI / Administration


External Links

BitTorrent Protocol


BitTorrent standards: