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A media queries polyfill

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mediatizr 0.3.2

Mediatizr adds media queries to browsers that don't support it (like Internet Explorer 5.5-8). It's based on Sheethub and W to have a better compatibility with retrieving stylesheets and responsive events.


  • px/em values
  • min-width/max-width
  • min-device-width/max-device-width
  • resizing, zooming and text size changing will re-evaluate media queries for live responsive adjustment
  • @keyframes friendly
  • expose current media queries support with window.supportMediaQueries


Link the script at the top of your page, under your stylesheet declarations.


There's some issues between IE<8 and em values in W. If you've planned to use em units in your media queries and you want to support IE6/7, then you must load mediatizr when the DOM is ready.

Using mediatizr with STYLE stylesheets (sheets that have been included to the HTML page itself) doesn't work, because when the browser parses the STYLE node and encounters rules that it doesn't understand then it will simply drop them, and your media queries are just lost. For...ever.


Mediatizr is brought to you with the MIT license.

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