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The next generation of the PEAR installer.

Merge pull request #138 from kemitix/bugfix/79

Upgrade to PEAR2_HTTP_Request master with proxy fix
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data Allow per-channel settings
scripts Bugfix: fix for regression introduced in ca074ae
src/Pyrus Moved class docblocks to classes, instead of namespaces.
tests Bugfix: Due to heavy use of PHP4 code, we need to turn off error_repo…
vendor Upgrade to PEAR2_HTTP_Request master with proxy fix
.gitignore Ignore test artifacts created during test runs.
.travis.yml Add Travis-CI configuration file
API-2.0.0a1 move API to 2.0.0a1, update package.xml, fix magic quotes issues, upd…
API-2.0.0a4 Update API changelog
CREDITS Putting my self on as a maintainer
HOWTO-RELEASE Update the release instructions with the unfortunate truth
LICENSE Add license file
README Expand ackage details.
RELEASE-2.0.0a1 update release notes
RELEASE-2.0.0a2 Prep for 2.0.0a2 release
RELEASE-2.0.0a3 Update release notes and prep for 2.0.0a3
RELEASE-2.0.0a4 Prep for 2.0.0a4 release, add RC
TODO note to self - hard to install scs if bin_dir requires root access
build.xml Update phar with scs-categorize command, make pyrus.phar executable w…
extrasetup.php Drop the PEAR2 namespace in favour of using Pyrus as the top level na…
package.xml Prep for a new RC with fixed bundled lib paths
package_compatible.xml Prep for a new RC with fixed bundled lib paths
packagexmlsetup.php Update requirements
pyrus.phar Prep for a new RC with fixed bundled lib paths
stub.php Closes #101: ensure we check for XMLWriter as well!


Pyrus is the package manager and installer for PHP 5.3 or newer

Pyrus provides the means to install and manage installations for
packages built using package.xml version 2.0 or newer.  Pyrus is
redesigned from the ground up for PHP 5.3 or newer, and provides
significant improvements over the older PEAR Installer.

To use Pyrus, you can download pyrus.phar from the PEAR2 website,
and execute it from the command line:
$ php pyrus.phar install PEAR2_Templates_Savant-alpha

You can also install PEAR2_Pyrus to access the API for installing
and managing packages. Once installed, a convenience script is
available from the command line.
$ pyrus install PEAR2_Templates_Savant-alpha

For more information, view the documentation at:
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