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A yicespy is a Python wrapper for the Yices SMT solver ( The wrapper is compatible with both Python 2 and 3, and is generated using SWIG.

We support the latest (as of April 2020) version of Yices: 2.6.2.

yicespy is a low-level wrapper providing all methods needed by pySMT ( to work, for this reason there are some functionality that might not have been wrapped. If you are interested, feel free to open a Pull Request. yicespy is a low-level wrapper, and we recommend using it through its integration in pySMT. You might also be interested in the official python interface recently released by the Yices Team.


Assuming that the installation of Yices is in the same directory as, it is sufficient to do

 $ python ./ build

The path to the Yices installation can be provided with the option --yices-dir:

$ python ./ --yices-dir /opt/yices build

Two scripts are provided:

  • Creates the python wrapper, assuming that yices is installed in the system.
  • Downloads yices and calls accordingly.

Note we are not distributing Yices, you need to check the website and make sure that you agree with the licensing terms.


The wrapper is released open-source under APACHE 2.0 License.


Python Wrapper for the Yices SMT Solver




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