Couchbase diamond collector for graphite graphing and monitoring.
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couchbase extended diamond module

This is a cloned repo from

It expands the previous repo by collecting all metrics under:

"nodes" : [ "interestingStats" ]

keys from the returned couchbase json object.

You need to place it under a directory called couchbase_collector under /usr/share/diamond/collectors or wherever your diamond collector code resides

You also need a configuration file CouchBaseCollector.conf under /etc/diamond/collector (or wherever you collector configuration files reside) with the following content:

enabled = True

That should be it.

Configuration parameters for couchbase (host, port, path, name, password) need to be placed inside the get_default_config method in the CouchBaseCollector class.

Log file example

Once you restart diamond you should be able to see in the log file entries like (metrics are from the beer-sample example in couchbase): 25565808 35407008 0.0 33.7667541504 0.0 24288256 7303 543142 56489751 564012 0.0 0 0.0 99496312 0.0 7889 0.0 7889 55645339 104857600 104857600

Cluster Stats

In clustered environments the nodes array holds "interestingStats" for all cluster members. The Collector will only ship interestingStats referring to the host being queried.

Each cluster member is assumed to run a separate instance of diamond (no point running a couchbase cluster one one machine) so interestingStats of each will appear under the corresponding host.