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AKL website project.

This repository is move from .

Development environment


  • All instructions bellow should perfectly work on Ubuntu 14.04. If you use something else, project setup may be slightly different.
  • Your ~/.git/config should include your name and email (make sure, that you specify same email address you use for Github). The section in ~/.git/config file should look like this:

    name = Name Surname
    email =

Preparing development environment

First of all, install git:

sudo apt install git

Then create project directory:

mkdir && cd

This directory will contain several other repositories, main website repository and repository with exported data from old website. So clone these two repositories:

git clone
git clone

Now change current working directory to and now we will work from there:


First thing you have to do is to install system dependencies, these are development headers and some libraries (please note, that this command will be run with sudo and will ask your password):

make ubuntu

Now, build project and then run tests to make sure, that everything is OK (first command make will take some time to finish, be patient!):

make test

Last thing to do, is to import data from old website export:

bin/django akllt_importzope ../

Now you should be able to run development server and see new website working:

make run


If you don't have Ubuntu 14.04, you can use Vagrant with Ubuntu virtual machine.

Download and install Vagrant 1.6.* from .

Start virtual machine

sudo apt install nfs-kernel-server nfs-common

vagrant up # Will ask for password to set up NFS mount which is faster on Linux/OSX

Build project inside virtual machine:

vagrant ssh
cd /home/vagrant/
make # bootstrap takes a while, be patient
make test # Make sure everything is green
make run # and open in your browser

How to run tests

There are several ways how you can run tests. Below is list of all available options:

This runs all available tests, including code style checkers and code linters:

make testall

Runs only tests, without code style checkers and code linters:

make test

Runs all tests from specified directory path:

scripts/ akllt/dataimport

Runs all tests in specified file path:

scripts/ akllt/dataimport/tests/

Run all tests in specified test case class

scripts/ akllt/dataimport/tests/

Run single test method:

scripts/ akllt/dataimport/tests/


Write translation messages in Lithuanian language.