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An extension for GINO to support quart server.


The common usage looks like this:

from quart import Quart
from gino.ext.quart import Gino

app = Quart()
db = Gino(app, **kwargs)


GINO adds a before_request, after_request and before_first_request hook to the Quart app to setup and cleanup database according to the configurations that passed in the kwargs parameter.

The config includes:

Name Description Default
driver the database driver asyncpg
host database server host localhost
port database server port 5432
user database server user postgres
password database server password empty
database database name postgres
dsn a SQLAlchemy database URL to create the engine, its existence will replace all previous connect arguments. N/A
retry_times the retry times when database failed to connect 20
retry_interval the interval in seconds between each time of retry 5
pool_min_size the initial number of connections of the db pool. N/A
pool_max_size the maximum number of connections in the db pool. N/A
echo enable SQLAlchemy echo mode. N/A
ssl SSL context passed to asyncpg.connect None
use_connection_for_request flag to set up lazy connection for requests. N/A
retry_limit the number of retries to connect to the database on start up. 1
retry_interval seconds to wait between retries. 1
kwargs other parameters passed to the specified dialects, like asyncpg. Unrecognized parameters will cause exceptions. N/A

Lazy Connection

If use_connection_for_request is set to be True, then a lazy connection is available at request['connection']. By default, a database connection is borrowed on the first query, shared in the same execution context, and returned to the pool on response. If you need to release the connection early in the middle to do some long-running tasks, you can simply do this:

await request['connection'].release(permanent=False)


You're welcome to contribute to this project. It's really appreciated. Please fork this project and create a pull request to the dev branch.

  • Dependency management is done via poetry
  • Pull request for new features must include the appropriate tests integrated in tests/
  • You should format your code. Recommended is black

Older Quart Versions

gino-quart requires a quart version higher or equal to quart 0.15.1 after the 1.1.2 release. This is caused by multiple breaking changes with, amongst other things, exception handling. You can still use gino-quart 0.1.1b5 for older Quart versions.


The license holder of this extension is Tony Wang.

This project is an extension to GINO and part of the python-gino community.