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An ideal application will contain 5 things:

  1. A descriptive title including the name of the sub-org you want to work with (if this is missing, your application may be rejected!)
  2. Information about you, including contact information.
  3. Link to a code contribution you have made to your organization. (Usually this is a link to a pull request.)
  4. Information about your proposed project. This should be fairly detailed and include a timeline.
  5. Information about other commitments that might affect your ability to work during the GSoC period. (exams, classes, holidays, other jobs, weddings, etc.) We can work around a lot of things, but it helps to know in advance.

Sample Application Template:

Sub-org name: The thing I want to do this summer

Note: Make sure to include the sub-org name in the title both in Google's system and in your document.

About me

  1. Name (and nicknames like your github and irc usernames)
  2. University / program / year / expected graduation date
  3. Contact info (email, phone, etc.)
  4. Time zone
  5. Link to a resume (if you want)

Code contribution

  • Link to a pull request or code sample goes here.
    • Ideally this should be code submitted to your chosen sub-org as a pull request or patch.
    • It must represent your own work, although you can have help from developers to improve it.
    • It must be publicly visible to your mentors and org admins.
    • You can link more than one if you want.

Project information

  1. Sub-org name
  2. Project Abstract
  3. Detailed description
  4. Weekly timeline
    • Community Bonding (May 7-26): List any prepwork you want to do before coding starts.

    • For each coding week below, list planned code deliverables. Break the project into weeks and estimate what you will have complete at the end of each one. This schedule can be adjusted later if need be.

    • Week 1 (May 27-31): You must start coding this week (unless you've made a prior arrangement for exams) so this week's deliverable should be code.

    • Week 2 (June 3)

    • Week 3 (June 10)

    • Week 4 (June 17)

    • Week 5 (June 24)

    • Week 6 (July 1)

    • Week 7 (July 8)

    • Week 8 (July 15)

    • Week 9 (July 22)

    • Week 10 (July 29)

    • Week 11 (August 5): you may want to try to "code freeze" in week 11 and complete any tests/documentation in week 11-12.

    • Week 12 (August 12)

    • Final week (August 19): This week you will be submitting your projects

Other commitments

  • List of any things that might affect your ability to work this summer.
    • List any exams, classes, holidays, other jobs, weddings, etc. We can work around a lot of things, but it helps to know in advance.
  • If you're applying to more than one organization, you can let us know which one you prefer in case of a tie.
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