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Working with PTB

Quick Start

Our Wiki (where you currently are) contains an Introduction to the API explaining how the pure Bot API can be accessed via python-telegram-bot. Moreover, the Tutorial: Your first Bot gives an Introduction on how chatbots can be easily programmed with the help of the telegram.ext module.


  • The package documentation is the technical reference for python-telegram-bot. It contains descriptions of all available classes, modules, methods and arguments as well as the changelog.
  • The wiki is home to number of more elaborate introductions of the different features of python-telegram-bot and other useful resources that go beyond the technical documentation. See below for more details on what this wiki contains.
  • Our examples section contains several examples that showcase the different features of both the Bot API and python-telegram-bot. Even if it is not your approach for learning, please take a look at It is the de facto base for most of the bots out there. The code for these examples is released to the public domain, so you can start by grabbing the code and building on top of it.
  • The official Telegram Bot API documentation is of course always worth a read.

Getting help

If the resources mentioned above don't answer your questions or simply overwhelm you, there are several ways of getting help.

  1. We have a vibrant community of developers helping each other in our Telegram group. Join us! Asking a question here is often the quickest way to get a pointer in the right direction.
  2. Ask questions by opening a discussion.
  3. You can even ask for help on Stack Overflow using the python-telegram-bot tag.

Structure of this Wiki

In the sidebar to the right, you can find all important pages of this wiki. They are roughly organized by the following logic:

  • Must read: Introductory articles and frequently referenced pages.
  • Concepts & Important Elements: Introductions & explanations of how the components of telegram.ext work and interact with each other.
  • Notable Features: Elaborate explanation to more advanced features of telegram.ext.
  • Code Resources: Some other resources that are not exclusively PTB-specific.
  • Examples Explained: An effort to make the examples even more accessible. You are very welcome to extend this section!
  • Networking: Articles about advanced networking questions.
  • Other resources: More interesting & helpful stuff that can't be found in any of the above sections.
  • Transition Guides: Major versions usually come with breaking changes, i.e. changes that lead to code failing after upgrading. Those guides help to ease the transition.
  • Administration: Interesting mostly for the maintainers. They, too, need a place to take notes 🙂

Contributing to this Wiki

If you stumble upon a part of the wiki that is unclear or missing important points, please go ahead and drop us a message in our Telegram Group, or just edit the part yourself (anyone can contribute). We'd like our wiki to be as complete as possible 🙂

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