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Build Status codecov

This bot is meant to help identify issues with a CPython pull request.

What the bot does:

  • Identifies missing GitHub issue numbers in the title

If no GitHub issue number is found the status fails and the "Details" link points to the relevant section of the devguide.

  • Links to

If an issue number is found then the "Details" link points to the relevant issue itself, making it easier to navigate from PR to issue.

  • Identifies missing news entry

If no Misc/NEWS.d entry is found or the news entry is formatted incorrectly and the issue doesn't have the skip news label, the status fails and a relevant description label is added to it.

  • Closes invalid PRs

Closes PRs that try to merge a maintenance branch into the main branch, adds invalid label, and posts a relevant message.

  • Labels PRs for docs

Labels PRs for documentation as type-documentation

  • Copies main labels to backport

Copies labels from main PRs to backport PRs

PR State Machine

This diagram represent the state machine for pull requests, and the labels applied by Bedevere.

The colors represent who can make a state change or who is currently blocking the PR from moving forward:

  • Yellow: the PR creator
  • Green: core developers
  • Blue: anyone
flowchart TD
    A([New PR]):::creator
    A -- by contributor --> B[Awaiting review]:::anyone
    A -- by core dev --> C[Awaiting core review]:::coredev
    B & C -- new review by\nanother contributor --> C
    C & B & E  -- new core review\nrequests changes --> D[Awaiting changes]:::creator
    D -- changes by contributor --> E[Awaiting change review]:::coredev
    C & E & B -- new core review\napproves ---> F[Awaiting merge]:::coredev
    G[When a review is dismissed\nthe highest remaining state is restored\nbased on the remaining reviews]
classDef creator stroke:#CC0;
classDef anyone stroke:#00C;
classDef coredev stroke:#0C0;
classDef triager stroke:#C0C;
linkStyle 0,1,7 stroke:#CC0,color:auto;
linkStyle 2,3 stroke:#00C,color:auto;
linkStyle 4,5,6,8,9,10 stroke:#0C0,color:auto;

Aside: where does the name come from?

Since this bot is about identifying pull requests that need changes, it seemed fitting to name it after Sir Bedevere who knew how to identify a witch.


A bot to help identify missing information for CPython pull requests



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