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Latest commit 384e83c @berkerpeksag berkerpeksag Merge pull request #878 from tjguk/877-default-database-name
Correct the default database name. Fixes #877
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blogs Use published_parsed property when importing blog entries.
boxes Upgrading to non-forked django-markupfield
cms Use specific asserts in tests.
codesamples Upgrading to non-forked django-markupfield
community Remove imports from */tests/
companies Use the new Meta API introduced in factory_boy 2.4.0 in factories.
docs Correct the default database name. Fixes #877
downloads Add migration for 88ee810
events Use specific asserts in tests.
fastly Purge Fastly on Page Save
feedbacks All classes inherit from object in Python 3.
fixtures Merge pull request #525 from berkerpeksag/update-fixtures
jobs Improve job preview workflow
membership Membership Flow Changes
minutes Use specific asserts in tests.
pages Add a "save as new" button to page forms.
peps Use specific asserts in tests.
provisioning Use apt directive for python-lxml
pydotorg Edit doc on pep generation and clear settings in
sponsors Use specific asserts in tests.
static remove banner
successstories Remove imports from */tests/
templates Relax the condition a bit
users Add back search and filtering ability to users admin.
work_groups Add initial Working Group models/admin
.coveragerc Update ignored dirs for coveragepy.
.gitattributes Ignore generated CSS files in language stats
.gitignore Updating gitignore
.travis.yml Reduce coverage requirements as additions not easy to test
Gemfile Added Ruby requirements.
Gemfile.lock Re-added the Gemfile.lock, we do need this checked in apparently.
LICENSE Adding license. Add status badge for RTD
Vagrantfile Use Ansible for provisioning in Vagrant.
dev-requirements.txt Delete unused
docs-requirements.txt Do not install Sphinx on prod.
docutils.conf Do not show docutils error messages for now. Refactored settings layout for production.
requirements.txt Upgrade Django to 1.7.11

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