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Thanks @lordmauve for noticing! I somehow expected the `!!timestamp` syntax do magically insert the current timestamp.

Relates to #413.

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Pythonjobs submission repo Build Status

Welcome to the pythonjobs submission repository. This board has been set up as a community resource to help companies recruit, and candidates find jobs. There are no charges or fees for posting, and submitting a job advert is simple, and easy to do.

Submitting an advert

We're trialling a new online editor for job adverts, aimed at making the submissions process simpler. To try it out, visit: When you're ready, click the 'Create Pull Request' button to start the submission process. Everything should proceed as below, but the editor helps to write the markdown part. Please contact @stestagg if you have any questions/issues.

All the adverts on this board are simple text files (in MarkDown format) with an easy to use header (in YAML format). If you want to add a job, just add one of those files.

All adverts are held as markdown files, with an added header, under the jobs/ directory. Jobs files should look something like this, but with the appropriate text inserted in place of the expressions in angle brackets:

title: <Job Advert Title (required)>
company: <Your Company (required)>
url: http://<Link to your site/a job spec (optional)>
location: <where is the job based? e.g. London,England>
# Choose one of the following options
contract: permanent / contract / part-time / temporary
    name: <Your name (required)>
    email: <Email address applicants should submit to (required)>
    phone: <Phone number (optional)>
    <additional contact fields>: <additional value>
created: !!timestamp '2015-02-20' # Update this with today's date
  - python
  - sql
  - django 
  # include relevant tags

# Lines like this, which begin with # are headings

Full job description here, in Markdown format


  • Remove the angle brackets (these things: <, >)
  • Update the timestamp to be today's date
  • Don't remove the -- at the beginning and end of the metadata
  • Include a full name and either an email address or a phone number
  • Start any line you want to be a heading with a # followed by a space

This is an example of how it might look when filled in:

title: Senior Python Developer
company: Sample Company
location: Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, United Kingdom
contract: permanent
    name: Mrs A. B. Sample
    phone: +44 0208 123456
created: !!timestamp '2015-07-23' 
  - uk
  - python
  - sql
  - django
  - senior

# Overview

We are looking to recruit a new lead developer for an important fintech/agribuisness/space-travel start up.

Candidates for this role should be fully proficient in Python and SQL, and be fluent in at least seventeen
modern languages.

Please send a CV to the address above.

# Role requirements

* Python
* Django
* PostgreSQL
* etc

The easiest way to add the job is to create a new file in our repo, and simply paste in the text of your job ad.

When you've finished edting you can choose a sensible name for the file. Good names usually include your company (or agnency) name along with a helpful reference. These are examples of good names:

  • baml_london_contract_12345.html
  • foocorp_houston_tx_django_0.html

Next make a pull-request directly from the web form.

When a pull request is submitted, it gets validated, and then manually reviewed, before being added to the site. If the validation fails you will get a message via GitHub.

If something went wrong, you can edit the file again, and resubmit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I see the job board?

Go here: The Free Python Job Board

I'm in ${Country}, can I use this site?

Yes, this is an international job board.

I'm an (agent|headhunter|recruitment consultant|IT Consultancy), can I still use this site?

Yes, but you must include the name of your client - where the candidate will ultimately be working. If you don't include this information your job advert may be rejected or deleted.

There's an error or some other problem with one of the job adverts, what should I do?

You can edit the page and make a pull request directly from GitHub. If a page contains personal information or content unsuitable for a job site please raise a ticket.

If you don't know how to do this please raise an issue via the GitHub issue tracker:

Can somebody else change a job I posted?

Yes, anybody can change anything but all changes have to be reviewed before they are published. Sometimes the site's curators will edit a job advert to improve spelling, grammar or style.

Why all this GitHub stuff? Can you add a form to submit jobs instead?

You don't need to know how to use Git to use Github - you can easily submit a new job directly from the web-editor.

Git is a system designed by programmers for programmers - they are primary audience for this site.

How does this site make money?

It doesn't. This is intended to be an free forever service to Python developers and the companies that wisely employ them.

We don't want to make any money out of this site. We do want to help people find great jobs and help companies find great people to work for them.

Why are you doing this?

We want to make the world a better place for the whole Python development community.

How can you make this site free when others charge?

This site is run like an open-source software project.

We use the same features from GitHub that many software projects use to manage the code and content of our site. We use Travis to build the pages and we host the site on GitHub - all of which is totally free.

In other words - by taking the very best free software technology we've created a the very best job board for people who love free software.

How does this site work?

Simplicity--the art of maximizing the amount of work not done is essential. This website is the simplest possible solution that does the job.

It's a static web-site. Any time a GitHub pull request is merged it will automatically recompile and update our pages on

You can see the status of the latest build on Travis.

I want to use the source code to make a rival job board, is that OK?

Our content and code are freely available. Take it if you want, but we'd much rather you help make this project better.

Can I see some stats for your site?

Sure, here:

Can I run the site locally to preview my submission?

The easiest way to preview your submission is to build the site locally. If you have Docker and docker-compose installed, run

$ docker-compose up

and browse to once it says it's serving.

Alternatively, you can use almost the exact same process we use to build the site on your own PC:

  1. Install hyde - pip install hyde
  2. Install fin - pip install fin
  3. clone/checkout the repository
  4. Within this clone, put your new file in hyde/content/jobs/[job_filename].html
  5. Delete the contents of the deploy directory.
  6. from within hyde/, run hyde serve
  7. Open a web browser, and navigate to http://localhost:8080/


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