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0.xx (2021/xx/xx):
- Allow invalid values (e.g. None) in color values of density style.
- text module:
- make alignment work with texlive 2020 (reported by Thomas Bending)
- dvi module:
- ignore the l3backend header special for dvips
- bitmap module:
- fix bitmap palette data pdf output being bytes
- canvas module:
- add clear() method to canvas class (suggested by Camilo Talero)
- t1 extension module:
- adjust to int/Py_ssize_t change in python 3.10 (thanks to Michael J Gruber)
0.15 (2019/07/14):
- text module:
- introduce UnicodeEngine
- MultiEngineText to express combined text data for TeX based engines and
the new UnicodeEngine
- Text and StackedText classes for simple typesetting operations on
UnicodeEngine text
- rename TexRunner and LatexRunner to TexEngine and LatexEngine
- rename cls argument of text.set to engine (with fallback and
deprecation warning in place)
- improve error handling when input cannot be encoded by texenc
- add support for virtual fonts in virtual fonts
- font maps: treat font files without extension as Type 1 (to
prevent warnings occuring especially with Minion or Libertine fonts)
- fix UnicodeDecodeError for invalid character responses by TeX/LaTeX
(reported by Gert Ingold)
- new examples:
- non-ASCII TeX encoding
- t1font:
- use integers in auto-guessed font descriptors to prevent an issue in pdftex
(reported by Michael Hartmann)
- fix typo: ItalicAngles -> ItalicAngle (thanks to Ross Moore)
- graph.axis.texter:
- unify exponential and mixed texter to default texter
- use MultiEngineText in all texters (decimal, default, factional)
- pdfwriter, pswriter, svgwriter:
- removed underscore in PS and PDF and SVG writer options strip_fonts,
text_as_path, mesh_as_bitmap, mesh_as_bitmap_resolution
(new: stripfonts, textaspath, meshasbitmap and meshasbitmapresolution)
to prevent ambiquity with write_ prefixes.
- Fix color output in SVG (reported by Michael Hartmann)
- deformer:
- Fix parallel deformer for empty normsubpaths (thanks to Michael J Gruber)
- Use RGBA instead of ARGB in the bitmap fallback of
Fix saving SVG as supported modes are limited (thanks to Michael J Gruber)
- pattern:
- inject default linewidth (reported by Michael J Gruber)
- version control:
- switched to git on 2018/07/16 with main repository on GitHub
0.14.1 (2015/11/02):
- distribution:
- upload to PyPI (including old releases)
- remove old releases from sourceforge
- text module:
- fix load_def message parser (reported by Mico Filós)
- normpath:
- fix intersect with empty normsubpaths (bug #62, thanks to Florent Hivert)
0.14 (2015/04/30):
- new svgwriter module:
- complete SVG output
- SVG font output disabled by default due to missing support by
most browsers, fallback by rendering fonts as paths
- new svgfile module:
- SVG reader
- unparsed mode: embedd svg in other svg
- parsed mode: supports reading paths (including styles,
tranformations, etc.) into a PyX canvas
- bitmap module:
- using bytes in image type conversions and channel extraction
- color module:
- fix grey class
- fix rgb css binary issue and short code index error
- epsfile module:
- fix parsing of bounding box
- text module:
- no end of pages test when no dvi is created at all
- add chroot config option needed to use a chrooted TeX installation
- graph module:
- add xy12axesat feature to graphxyz
- canvas module:
- fix clipping and transformation applied together
- provide _repr_svg_ in canvas for use by IPython
- new constructor argument ipython_bboxenlarge
- deco module:
- remove shortcut for ornaments only to not skip global styles
0.13 (2013/12/20):
- Requires at least Python 3.2
- The gallery has been moved to, which
is a wiki. Contributions are welcome.
- filelocator module:
- cygwin LaTeX with windows python patch (thanks to Sybren A. Stüvel)
- graph styles:
- fix numerical instability of line clippings
- remove errorbar range checks, as they fail on a reverse axis, which is
correct (reported by Néstor Espinoza)
- path module:
- fix internal name clash when generating a normpath from an empty path
(reported by Brendon Higgins)
- normpath module:
- several stability and precision improvements and bugfixes
- cusp removal at normpath construction (and getting rid of invalid
results for curvature, rotation, tangent, and trafo methods)
- remove curveradius methods as they are invalid for straigt paths
- deco module:
- apply text trafos to each character in curvedtext (reported by Hans L)
- properly apply all textattrs in curvedtext (for example colors or scalings)
- canvas module:
- layer method takes layer names above or below (instead of an instance),
also reorders layer accordingly when layer is already existing
- remove the before and after arguments of insert
- handle trafo and clip separately in constructor and write methods
- allow for one clipping instance only
- optimize graphics state stack usage
- dvi/dvifile module:
- change special handling for transformations and colors to use subcanvases
- apply transformations to markers
- trafos and styles are no longer canvasitems
- style module:
- fillrules are now fillstyles and handled within the PS/PDF context
- text module:
- new texenc setting
- major code reorganization and documentation revision (now using autodoc)
- font/afmfile module:
- parse more AFM files, also some with common inconsistencies (thanks to
Markus Schwienbacher for reporting these issues)
- color module:
- functiongradient has been split into functiongradient_rgb, etc. and
the function parameters are now passed directly
- lineargradient has been removed for factory functions lineargradient_rgb, etc.
that provide linear gradients between colors of a particular color model
- bitmap module:
- fix jpegimage for progressive jpeg files (thanks to Michael Schindler)
- pyxrc:
- use APPDATA environment variable to locate the pyxrc on windows
- tex, latex, kpsewhich, and locate executables are now customizable in the pyxrc
- on the package level:
- add pyxinfo to enable output of some useful information
- manual:
- PyX theme and various sphinx tweaks
0.12.1 (2012/10/26):
- graph styles:
- fix drawing and clipping of gradient style
0.12 (2012/10/17):
- canvas module:
- insert method now returns canvas wrapping item if attrs are given
- insert method allows specification of position where item is inserted
by before and after arguments
- new layer method allows creation of separated drawing layers for
grouping of drawing operations
- writeXXXfile methods now use "page_" and "write_" prefixes for passing
the keyword arguments to the page constructor and write method
- pipeGS now returns a file handle instead of writing to a file or to stdout
- the new method writeGSfile restores the previous pipeGS functionality
- support rendering as png for use in IPython notebooks (as suggested by
Nikolas Tezak)
- document module:
- writeXXXfile methods now support writing to stdout when filename is set
to "-"
- type 1 font modules:
- allow font slanting for T1builtinfont instances
- improve stripped font compatibility
- remove UniqueID lookup from embedded fonts in PostScript output (fixes
missing glyph issue with dvips and certain fonts)
- allow Type1 font usage without TeX and without AFM font metric
- add support for pfm font matrices
- epsfile module:
- fix race condition while generating bitmap for PDF inclusion
- fix file opening for bbox reading when using filelocator (reported by
Michael J Gruber)
- filelocator module:
- fix text mode line ending issue for MS Windows
- text module:
- fix subprocess call on MS Windows (closefds not functional not also
not required at all)
- fix pyxgraphics functionality because at least some versions of graphics
and friends seem to expect the file extension .def for the driver files
(thanks to Michael J Gruber)
- deco module:
- decorator to put text along a path; based on a patch by Michael J Gruber
- dvifile module:
- fix for MS Windows: open virtual font files in binary mode
- graph modules:
- graphs:
- uses new canvas layers to stack graph components (fixing bug #1518414,
reported by Dominic Ford)
- add a flipped option to graphxy to exchange x and y coordinates
- add a 1d graph "graphx" (use case: convert a value to a color)
- add hiddenaxes layer to the 3d graph
- add linkedaxes for the xy-plane in 3d like in 2d (works now properly due
to the hiddenaxes feature)
- graph styles:
- add density style
- add gradient style to convert a value to a color using a 1d graph
- add a usenames dictionary to the pos style (like rangepos had it already)
- graph data:
- add a join data provide which adds concatenates several data sources
- axis module:
- divisor was not properly taken into account in tick handling (axis
range extension and range rating)
- added the metapost module:
- create smooth paths from a series of points
- bitmap module:
- new fundamental constructor based on arbitrary affine transformations
- add ASCIIHexDecode end marker
- color module:
- add rgbgradient and cmykgradient to force color space
- mesh module:
- add ASCIIHexDecode end marker
- upgrade PyX project page to the Allura platform
0.11.1 (2011/05/20):
- canvas:
- fix pipeGS (adding support for writing using pycompat.popen)
- deco module:
- arrow decorator: proper sign of constriction length for positioning
reversed arrows
- dvi/texfont:
- fix exception type
- increase designsize deviation to 4 (needs some further investigation)
- contrib files:
- fixes due to the dvi and font restructuring
- fix build process for extension modules
- fix download url to allow for easy_install (hopefully)
- manual:
- converted to sphinx
0.11 (2011/05/15):
- font and dvi modules:
- major reorganization
- TeX mapping files are a property of the writer now
By that the pdfwriter now uses instead of
(It's also possible to pass a fontmap to a texrunners text method to use
different mappings within a single output file)
- support for font matrices (afm) for Type1 fonts
(using fonts without a metrics is still supported, but properly issues
a warning now)
- interface for basic TeX-less text output
- new PS and PDF writer options: strip_fonts, text_as_path, mesh_as_bitmap,
- fix for commented out UniqueID
- fix rounding of font sizes
- fix scaling of VF position increments
- new filelocator module
- graph modules:
- bar style on graphxyz (single datasets only)
- graphxyz:
- fix position of z4 axis
- set correct errorname for z axis (thanks to Axel Freyn)
- fix wrong y value usage instead of z value in pos methods
- fix unused color range settings in surface style (thanks to Michael J Gruber)
- fallbackrange for axes with vanishing range
- dokeyitem method (to be called with a plotitem) to alter the key order
- doplot() was renamed to doplotitem(), dodata() was renamed to doplot()
to have similar naming conventions like for the graph key
- axis module: do not divide by None for data.min and/or data.max being None (see patch #2833369)
- axis painter:
- properly rotate axis titles when ticks are not othorgonal
to the axis (reported by Christian Delfosse)
- correct namedirection in bar axis painter (reported by rhunger, bug #2028032)
- decorator is an parameter of the constructor now
(thanks to Axel Freyn)
- remove ticks with unset ticklevel and labellevel to prevent rating failures
(thanks to Brendon Higgins)
- canvas and document modules:
- auto-guess output filename from the script filename
- add ciecolor flag and input type to the pipeGS method of canvas
- pyxrc:
- new config options for psfontmaps and pdffontmaps
- new config option for formatting of Python warnings
- new config section for new filelocator module
- text module:
- fix two bugs in the read pipe of the texrunner (thanks to
Laurence Tratt and Eric Faurot)
- fix "<" token handling in mapping file parser (thanks to Matthew West)
- fix start message parse error in MiKTeX (thanks to Wojciech Jaskowski)
- fix rigid aux file checking (thanks to Clayton E. Myers)
- use subprocess module if available
- proper error messages when TeX is stopped due to unrecoverable error
- style module:
- implement style.fillrule
- deco module:
- added an explicit hatch pattern as an alternative for real postscript patterns
- arrow decorator: take into account constriction length when arrow pos < 1
- bitmap module:
- add support for transparent bitmaps (in postscript stencil masking only)
- path and normpath modules:
- remove incorrect zero length line in PDF output for each first moveto
path element (thanks to Michael J Gruber)
- raise correct normpath exception (thanks to Axel Freyn)
- epsfile module:
- an ugly way to import EPS in PDF using a bitmap (requires PIL)
0.10 (2007/10/03):
- graph modules:
- graph module:
- graphxyz for 3d graphs with parallel and central projection
- doplot method (to be called with a plotitem) to alter the plotitem order etc.
- graph styles:
- new surface style for 3d graphs (colored surfaces are functional
(and useful!) for 2d graphs as well)
- new grid style for 3d graphs
- new impulses style
- optional textdx/textdy columns to the text style added
- arrowpos parameter to the arrow style added
- bugfix: fromvalue axis range adjustment in histogram style
- bugfix: axis range adjustment in range style
- axis module:
- painter: don't insert axis title twice (thanks to Tim Gray for reporting this problem)
- parter: extend the logarithmic parter to calculate automatic partitions for huge ranges
(TODO: documentation of the new autoexponent parameter) (suggested by Dominic Ford)
- fix: range rating was not taken into account due in the 0.9 release
- data module:
- list class was renamed to points; deprecation warning added
for instance creation, but inheritance from list failes
- new values class
- new mesh module:
- internal helper module for efficient handling of triangular colored meshs
- color module:
- renamed: palette->gradient, functionpalette->functiongradient, linearpalette->lineargradient
- new class palette representing a discrete ordered list of colors
- support transparency for filling/stroking in pdf separately
- transparency support for postscript as available by means of a proprietary
ghostscript extension (for ps2pdf)
- renamed method: tostring8bit -> to8bitstring (bug #2932888)
- attr module:
- add multichangeattr to perform a select on different changeable attributes
depending on the selects total number
- font modules:
- t1font:
- add missing glyph traversal in t1seacs updatepath
- normpath module:
- support zero-length normsubpaths
- canvas module:
- don't change order of attrs passed to canvas constructor in place
- added __truediv__ methods according to PEP 238
0.9 (2006/05/24):
- most important changes (to be included in the release notes):
- mathtree removal (warning about integer division)
- barpos style does not build tuples for nestedbar axes automatically
- new deformers for path manipulation (for smoothing, shifting, ... paths)
- font modules:
- new framework for font handling
- own implementation of type1 font stripping (old pdftex code fragments removed)
- complete type1 font command representation and glyph path extraction from font programs
- t1code extension module (C version of de-/encoding routines used in Type 1 font files)
- AFM file parser
- graph modules:
- data module:
- mathtree removal: more flexibility due to true python expressions
- default style instantiation bug (reported by Gregory Novak)
- style module:
- automatic subaxis tuple creation removed in barpos (create tuples
in expressions now; subnames argument removed since it became pointless;
adujstaxis became independend from selectstyle for all styles now)
- remove multiple painting of frompath in histogram and barpos styles
- fix missing attribute select when using a bar style once only (reported by Alan Isaac)
- fix histograms for negative y-coordinates (reported by Dominic Ford, bug #1492548)
- fix histogram to stroke lines to the baseline for steps=0 when two subsequent values are equal
- add key method for histogram style (reported by Hagemann, bug #1371554)
- implement a changebar style
- graph, axis and style module:
- support for mutual linking of axes between graphs
- new domethods dependency handling
- separate axis range calculation from dolayout
- axis.parter module:
- linear and logarthmic partitioners always need lists now
(as it was documented all the time; renamed tickdist/labeldist
to tickdists/labeldists; renamed tickpos/labelpos to
- axis module:
- patch to tickpos and vtickpos (reported by Wojciech Smigaj, cf. patch #1286112)
- anchoredpathaxis added (suggested by Wojciech Smigaj)
- properly handle range rating on inversed axis (reported by Dominic Ford, cf. bug #1461513)
- invalidate axis partitions with a single label only by the distance rater
- fallback (with warning) to linear partitioner on a small logarithmics scale
- painter module:
- patch to allow for tickattrs=None (reported by Wojciech Smigaj, cf. patch #1286116)
- color module:
- transparency support (PDF only)
- conversion between colorspaces
- nonlinear palettes added
- the former palette must now be initialized as linearpalette
- remove min and max arguments of palettes
- text module:
- improve escapestring to handle all ascii characters
- correct vshift when text size is modified by a text.size instance
- recover from exceptions (reported by Alan Isaac)
- handle missing italic angle information in tfm for pdf output (reported by Brett Calcott)
- allow for .def and .fd files in texmessage.loaddef (new name for
texmessage.loadfd, which was restricted to .fd files)
- path module:
- correct closepath (do not invalidate currentpoint but set it to the
beginning of the current subpath); structural rework of pathitems
- calculate real bboxes for Bezier curves
- fix intersection due to non-linear parametrization of bezier curves
- add rotate methods to path, normpath, normsubpath, and normsubpathitems
- add flushskippedline to normsubpath
- add arclentoparam to normsubpath and normsubpathitems
- path is no longer a canvasitem
- reduce number of parameters of outputPS/outputPDF methods (do not pass context and registry)
- normpath module:
- contains normpath, normsubpath and normpathparam which have originally
been in the path module
- return "invalid" for certain path operations when the curve "speed" is
below a certain threshold
- normpath is no longer a canvasitem
- reduce number of parameters of outputPS/outputPDF methods (do not pass context and registry)
- deformer module:
- rewritten smoothed to make use of the subnormpath facilities
- rewritten parallel for arbitrary paths
- deco module:
- add basic text decorator
- allow arrows at arbitrary positions along the path
- connector module:
- boxdists parameter need to be a list/tuple of two items now
- changed the orientation of the angle parameters
- trafo module:
- renamed _apply to apply_pt
- introduce _epsilon for checking the singularity of a trafo
- epsfile module:
- use rectclip instead of clip to remove the clipping path from the
PostScript stack, which otherwise might create strange effects for
certain PostScript files (reported by Gert Ingold)
- dvifile module:
- silently ignore TrueType fonts in font mapping files (reported by Gabriel Vasseur)
- type1font module:
- accept [ and ] as separators in encoding files (reported by Mojca Miklavec, cf. bug #1429524)
- canvas module:
- remove registerPS/registerPDF in favour of registering resourcing during the outputPS/outputPDF run
- move bbox handling to registry
- rename outputPS/outputPDF -> processPS/processPDF
- remove set method of canvas
- add a pipeGS method to directly pass the PyX output to ghostscript
- allow file instances as parameter of the writeXXXfile methods (feature request #1419658 by Jason Pratt)
- document modules:
- allow file instances as parameter of the writeXXXfile methods (feature request #1419658 by Jason Pratt)
- style module:
- make rellength the default for dash styles
- random notes:
- switched to subversion on 2006/03/09
0.8.1 (2005/08/13):
- deco module:
- fix bug in postscript deco code for stroking only attributes
- path module:
- fix multicurveto._normalized
- fix path.paramtoarclen and path.paramtoarclen_pt
- remove unused method-local function
- fix linestyle rellength in PostScript
- correction to the rounding problems in circles (reported by Uwe Fabricius)
- epsfile module:
- fix a typo
- pattern module:
- issue a warning when not using a stroke color for patterns
- text module:
- postpone PDFfontdescriptor information, since it raises an error on certain
fonts even when PostScript output was requested (reported by Gert Ingold)
- remove spurious spaces when checking for empty texmessages
- kpathsea module:
- caching in fallback to lower system call bottleneck
- canvas module:
- add missing writePSfile wrapper
- add *args to writeEPSfile and writePDFfile wrappers
- writer modules:
- writebbox option to write bbox information (disabled by default)
even when a paper format is specified (PS and PDF writers only)
- use arclen in spring example
- add knot example
- use pdf graphic files for pdf version of the manual
- use PyX to create tipa fallbacks for FAQ
- correct description regarding the manual in the README file
0.8 (2005/07/13):
- changed requirements to python 2.1 or newer:
- nested scopes are needed without fallback solution by the path module
(at other places fallback solutions for missing nested scopes are missing as well)
- use warning module for warnings
- path module:
- path parameters and argument handling
- the arct to arc/arcn conversion (needed for bbox calculation and for conversion into
normpath) has been fixed
- document module: new
- container classes for document and pages
- document.paperformat class (strings are deprecated)
- canvas module:
- writeEPSfile wraps a canvas in a single page document and performs the output
- bbox module:
- add _pt methods
- pdfwriter module:
- completely rewritten: support for fonts and patterns has been added
- pswriter module: new
- separate PS output from canvas
- new signature of outputPS methods: writer and context are passed as additional
- color module:
- allow selection on zero range palette (reported by Francisco Borges, cf. bug #1116257)
- prolog module: removed due to code reorganisation
- graph modules:
- modifications on in graph and axis subdirectories to
make "from pyx.graph import *" working as expected
- graph styles:
- addontop added to stackedbarpos
- column -> columnname renaming where appropriate
- histogram style added
- graph data:
- function needs explicit variable definition (implicit variable definition is deprecated)
- column names are inherited by except when copy=0;
unused columns are silently ignored now
- dynamic function data on a logarithmic axis uses isinstance check now
(although it removes the only (mis)use of axis.inverse, it is a
temporary solution only)
- graph key:
- extend graph keys to allow for several columns
- axis data handling refactoring:
- introcuded an axis positioner (module graph.axis.positioner)
- introduced anchoredaxis to make axis data and positioning local to a graph
- linkedaxis is a special version of anchoredaxis and is generic
(it uses the new linkpainter provided by an axis)
- unification of split and bar axes;
removed some black magic in baraxis in favor of a nestedbar axis
- x linked to x2 etc. is now possible
- axis.inverse was removed (the only place it was (mis)used was by a function)
- graphxy:
- allow to transform axis after layout
- [xy]axisat arguments in the constructor to easily move [xy]-axes
to a position defined the orthogonal axis
- remove axispos (use the axis dictionary now, since it now contains
anchored axis instances and those have shortcuts for the axis positioner
- dvifile:
- tfm->dvi conversion rounding bugfix
- fix parsing of empty strings ("") in fontmap files (reported by John Owens, bug #1218983)
- text module:
- support for halign of boxes and content of boxes (see halign example)
- take units xscale into account in parbox
- messageparser for replaced fontsizes: Warning -> implemented by texmessage.fontwarning
- messageparser for size differences at the end: Warning not Exception -> implemented by texmessage.fontwarning
- messageparser for overfull/underfull vbox/hbox: Warning not Exception -> implemented by texmessage.boxwarning
- dvicopy flag removed
- allow argument of set to be None
- rename nomathmode and nophantom to clearmathmode and clearphantom
- texmessagepattern for easy creation of simple TeX message parsers
- allow long file names in file checking TeX message parsers
- no newline removal to not disturbe TeX messages when reporting errors
- reworked documentation to use the python documentation standards
- style module:
- linewidth is no longer a unit.length subclass but expects a such as first argument
- epsfile module:
- correct EOL handling while reading DSC's (reported by Markus Meyer)
- pattern module: new
- moved canvas.pattern to its own module together with the new PDFpattern class
- add some default patterns: hatched and crosshatched
- deformer module:
- improve the smoothing deformer
- add a parallel deformer
- tex module:
- the very old tex module finally got removed completely
- contrib directory:
- a simple converter from dvi to EPS/PS/PDF files ( has been added
- a simple imagine to EPS/PS/PDF converter ( has been added
- a simple has been added
- update address of FSF all over the place
0.7.1 (2004/12/15):
- canvas module:
- EPS header fixed (reported by Russell Lang, cf. bug #1065099)
- Makefile fixes:
- use CURDIR instead of PWD (reported by David M. Cooke, bug #1070285)
- pykpathsea module:
- support windows line endings (patch by Hans-Andreas Engel, cf. bug #1071160)
- graph modules:
- line attributes handling fixed (reported by Andrea Riciputi)
- fix typos in predefined symbols (reported by Andrea Riciputi)
- cut column name list at the max. number of columns (reported by Arnd Baecker)
- examples:
- add INDEX and README files to distribution
- new errorbar and julia example
- faq:
- pdf snippets for tipa based phonetic transliterations
0.7 (2004/10/21):
- bitmap module:
- new module for inclusion of bitmap images
- path module:
- names of local and member variables now follow the naming convention of
having a _pt suffix when containing lengths in points
- bbox module:
- names of local and member variables now follow the naming convention of
having a _pt suffix when containing lengths in points
- enlarge was misspelled as enlarged
- renamed _bbox -> bbox_pt
- new bbox method center, which returns the coordinates of the center
of the bbox
- enlarge and enlarged do no longer interprete unqualified lengths as
being of type visual
- unit module:
-, unit.t_cm, etc. are no longer sub classes but instances
of length
- never convert implicitly into visual/width, etc. lengths (this is more
about usage of the unit module in various other modules) (TODO: update
- support for string initialization removed
- support for initialisation with other length removed
- lengths can now be divided by other lengths (as suggested by Michael Gruber
and Magnus Lie Hetland)
- text module:
- postpone reading of fontmap files until TeX/LaTeX is started
- sign of font number in dvifile (reported by Michael Gruber)
- phantom attribute
- canvas module:
- added new classes page and document for multipage PostScript output
- apply deformers (instead of trafos) in draw method
- style module:
- decrease interval for dotted and dash-dotted lines for better visual
- and distribution:
- create siteconfig on install to store positions of the shared data
and the global pyxrc
- graph modules:
- graph style + data reorganization
- modularization of the graph styles by separating data handling and drawing tasks
- several graph styles can now be combined together
- graph data can internally now combine different data sources
(by that, some nasty side effects could have been removed)
- enum -> num renaming
- allow for horizontally and vertically centered graph key alignment and a key background
- fix bug that graph was not finished automatically when a bbox was specified
manually (reported by David Barton)
- path module:
- pathel -> pathitem, etc. renaming
- methods accepting a parameter value / arc length now also allow the user to
pass a tuple (subpath, param) / (subpath, arclen)
- normpath constructor no longer accepts a path or normpath as argument but only a list
of normsubpaths. Use the new normpath method of the path instead to construct a normpath
from a path.
- normsubpath can now deal with short (i.e. shorter than epsilon) segments correctly
- the intersect and split methods of normpath and normsubpath have been completely rewritten and
now take the accuracy epsilon correctly into account. Note that for a closed subpath the
split function now returns the segment containing the closing point as first element
in the result list (before, it was returned as last element).
- normsubpathitems and normsubpath now implement much more methods also provided by
path and normpath instances
- normpath.append no longer accepts pathitems but only normsubpaths
- deformer module: new
- moved cycloid and smoothed from deco into deformer
- bbox module:
- handle "BoundingBox: (atend)" (cf. bug #945621 reported by Jim Boyle)
- kpsearch option to search for file using the kpathsea library (contributed by Michael Gruber)
- base module:
- PSCmd and PSOp are now joined in a new class canvasitem
- deco module:
- decorated path no longer allows modification of its path
- new method excluderange which allows to remove certain parameter ranges from the stroked path
- additional canvas provided by decorated path is now called ornaments
- constriction=None now indicates an arrowhead without constriction
- trafo module:
- trafos are now deformers
- examples:
- a bunch of bargraph examples have been added
0.6.x (????/??/??):
- graph/axis module:
- fix errorbar range adjustment
- fix empty tick lists bug (reported by Marko Vendelin, cf. bug #977323)
- graph/style module:
- symbolline drawing order in graph key (cf. bug #990687)
- graph/data module:
- access to builtin list (reported by Marcus Mendenhall, cf. bug #1042458)
0.6.3 (2004/04/27):
- graph module:
- fix drawing with background
- fix insertion of a zero length path when the whole line is outside
the valid axis range (reported by Marko Vendelin)
- distribution:
- include source for faq and manual
- distribute the pdf instead of postscript (manual, faq, examples)
0.6.2 (2004/04/07):
- graph module:
- fixed title=None + graph key issue reported by Gabriel Vasseur
- graph.axis.painter.plain -> graph.axis.painter.regular
(as it was in parts of the documentation already)
- changeable-gridattrs-become-None-bug fixed
- graph style cutting outside lines (double-)fixed
0.6.1 (2004/03/31):
- fixes missing install of the graph and axis directories introduced in 0.6
- some minor updates to the faq
0.6 (2004/03/30):
- graph module:
- reorganisation of the graph structure finished (there might be some
small pending issues, but the basic restructuring is done with this release):
- graph splitted into several modules in pyx/graph and pyx/graph/axis
- painters are using the new attribute scheme including changeable
- graph styles rewrite
- graph data rewrite
- axis zeropath feature has been removed
- mergelabels removed; linpart doesn't have a label argument anymore
- names and texts removed from baraxis
- iteration on graph style, when it is used several times in the same graph
- symbols + lines -> symbollines; symbols do not allow setting lineattrs,
and lines not symbolattrs
- manual line clipping (do not include unneeded line segments when the
axis range is set manually etc.)
- automatic file key titles
- now also includes the old data module
- data.list adds (by default) a line number like data.file
(thus regular columns are counted from 1)
- path:
- added new pathels multilineto_pt and multicurveto which allows to specify
a list of points and can thus be much more efficient
- internal methods return coordinates in pts
- arclentoparam returns only parameters not total length
- added path.arclength_pt, path.at_pt, path.begin_pt, path.end_pt (and
correspondingly for normpath)
- complete refactoring of the normpath class: normpaths now consist of
normsubpaths which themselves consist of normlines and normcurves This is
much more convenient for any routines working with normpaths.
- reversing of closed sub paths does not change the first point of the sub
- renamed: arclength -> arclen
- renamed: lentopar -> arclentoparam
- renamed: glue -> joined
- normpath now supports join, the in-place version of joined
- path and normpath method raise exception instead of returning None
when parameter is out of range
- the accuracy epsilon can now only be specified in normpath and normsubpath
constructor and no longer in arguments of path and normpath methods
- negative parameters are no longer supported in path and normpath methods
- path and normpath methods which accept parameter value param now
alternatively accept an arc length
- deco module:
- cycloid decorator
- smoothed decorator
- arrow heads are no longer stroked (as suggested by Magnus Lie Hetland)
- canvas:
- writeEPSfile deprecates writetofile
- internally, write methods are renamed in outputPS
- canvas constructor no longer accepts variable argument list but
expects a list of attrs as first argument (defaulting to []) and
a texrunner as second argument (defaulting to text.defaulttexrunner)
- set, draw, stroke and fill no longer return self, i.e., the canvas, but None
- bbox module:
- added inplace add (__iadd__), enlarge and transform methods
- callers use inplace add where possible now (yielding a considerable
- "undefined" corners of bounding boxes are no longer supported which makes
the bounding box operations much more efficient.
- connnector module:
- renamed _xxx -> xxx_pt
- epsfile module:
- removed showbbox argument of epsfile class
- text module:
- default handling of texmessages as in the new attribute scheme
- multiple insert bug fixed
- made left, right, width, height, depth information available (x length
not taking into account box transformations)
- ignore tex message "Please type a command or say `\\end'"
- added textboxes that are sequentially filled (experimental)
- examples:
- (contributed by Stephen Phillips)
- unit module:
- length comparision (David Beach)
- x-scale for TeX
- more unit tests
- mathtree module:
- switched to the new parser using pythons parser module
- data module:
- removed, it all lives in the module now, while before it
was splitted into two separate modules
- tex module:
- not imported by default anymore
- obsolete warning when importing this module
0.5.1 (2004/01/22):
- distribution:
- include missing c-files for optional extension modules
- prolog module:
- fix unpaired BeginProcSet/EndProcSet in font enconding
0.5 (2004/01/20):
- and distribution:
- allow customization of the extension modules built (via setup.cfg)
- disable building pykpathsea module by default
- more detailed description of install process in INSTALL
- provide more information and pointers to other files in README
- include example data files in distribution (suggested by Andrea Riciputi)
- force dvips to write ps files instead of printing them (suggested by Otto Tronarp)
- includ pyxfaq.pdf in distribution
- text module:
- improved is-readable test for lfs files and pyx.def file
- explicitly quit (La)TeX in cleantmp (helps when quitting with <Ctrl>C)
- showwaitfortex implemented following a suggestion by Fernando Perez
(waitfortex is increased to 60 seconds now)
- support of TeX extension --ipc for reading dvi results while TeX keeps running
- configurable font mapping files (via pyxrc or parameter of the texrunner constructor)
- markers to get access to positions within TeX expressions
- fix: allow for e-tex in texmessage.start (reported by Andrea Riciputi)
- fix: print warning at syntax errors in font mapping file and continue (cf. bug #795271)
- remove limitation on number of fonts in dvi file
- added native virtual font support
- dvicopy support not needed anymore (it is still available, but obsolete and
removed from the documentation)
- do not include too many glyphs in the eps file
- _xxx -> xxx_pt renaming
- dvifile module (NEW):
- separated from the text module
- dvifile class returns standard pyx canvas instances on readpage
- graph module:
- removed manualpart and partitioners mix keyword
- results of the splitting at "=" in graph.function were not stripped
- skip title=None in key (cf. bug #821284), properly align a single key entry
- another (the last?!) axis redesign: axispos -> class of its own
- some axispos name have changed slightly (zeroline -> zeropath etc.)
- tick/data-vmin/vmax removed
- pathaxis
- linkaxis
- minor enhancements in exponentionaltexter
- axes alongs paths including a set of examples
- mixing a partitioner and manual ticks by two distinct keyword arguments now
- _xxx -> xxx_pt renaming
- part -> parter renaming
- canvas module:
- stroke, fill, draw, set and insert do no longer accept variable length argument lists but
an attribute list as last argument
- stroke and fill now support trafos (TODO: documentation)
- uppercase version of a4, a3, ... paperformats
- config module:
- new module for loading PyX configuration information
- pyx module:
- automatically import main modules into pyx namespace as suggested by Fernando
- path module:
- check for sorting of parameter list passed to path.split method
- _xxx -> xxx_pt renaming
- deco module (NEW):
- contains decoratedpath and decorators from canvas module
- all predefined decorators are instances now (deco.stroked is thus ok) and
attributes have to be passed explicitely, e.g., deco.earrow.small(
and deco.stroked([])
- style module (NEW):
- contains all line- and fillstyles which formerly had been defined in the canvas module
- dash now supports relative dash lengths (as suggested by Otto Tronarp)
- mathtree module:
- fixed incorrect handling of - (for instance -x**2 was not negative)
- attrlist module:
- contents have been moved to the (obsolete) tex module, which was the only user anyhow, and
the module itself was removed
- t1strip module:
- new fallback solution in pure python
- bugfix: pyxadapt.h needs to open files binary under Windows (reported by Gary Pajer)
- box module:
- _xxx -> xxx_pt renaming
- trafo module:
- _xxx -> xxx_pt renaming
0.4.1 (2003/09/17):
- canvas module:
- "in" to "inch" in paperformats
- text module:
- fix pyx.def hack occuring whenever \ProcessOptions* was used by a package
- pykpathsea module:
- implement different file formats for Python version of module
- t1strip module:
- python fallback solution should behave the same way as c extension module (closes SF bug #799182 reported
by Marcus Mendenhall)
- added "connector" to __all__
0.4 (2003/08/22):
- graph module:
- separate texter out of the axispainter
- axis/partitioner/texter/painter/axispos redesign & interfaces
- tick.text is renamed to tick.label
- ticks and labels are renamed to tickpos/tickdist and labelpos/labeldist in partitioning
- ticks can be used in the part to mix a partitioner with some manual ticks
-> manualpart and the mix technique is not needed anymore
(both things are still available and working, but they will be removed in the future)
- _ensurefrac is implemented inside the frac constructor now; initialization is possible by:
- a (enum, denom) tuple now (previously there were two arguments)
- a string (as before via _ensurefrac)
- exponential strings are allowed as well (e.g. "1e10" etc.)
- a float (precision is determined by floatprecision -- the number of decimal places)
- dense -> density
- axis.maxworse
- axis interface
- text module:
- reset() method for the texrunner
- automatic restart of a TeX instance with the same preamble (preamble changes are not possible)
- texmessage.loadfd for accepting font description loading
- don't bail out on width_index == 0, but mark character invalid instead
- dvicopy flag
- support for specials; pyxgraphics flag
- support font names, font encodings
- bugfix \def\ProcessPyXBox -> \long\def\ProcessPyXBox
- improved lfs handling
- data module:
- full documentation via doc strings
- connector module:
- some preliminary version
- box module:
- multiple radii (up to two per point) and softnesses
- ensurecenter added --- do we always force the creation of a center?
- path module:
- lentopar methods added including some tests
- epsfile module:
- new parameter bbox allows to override the bounding box of the eps file
- text module:
- derive TFMError and DVIError correctly from exceptions.Exception
- close files and pipes, if they are no longer used (thanks to Marcus Mendenhall)
- remove DeprecationWarning in Python 2.3 (thanks to Marcus Mendenhall)
- box module:
- correct rounding algorithm (Michael Schindler)
- graph module:
- refer to the graphs texrunner instead of the defaulttexrunner (cf. #728209)
- rounding towards zero bugfix in autolinpart
- log axis range rating bugfix
- mathtree module:
- addarg bugs (#738724)
- epsfile module:
- fix mixing up of height and width in scale calculation
- and various other fixer here and there
0.3.1 (2003/04/04):
- text module:
- fix bug in dvi rule code where width was height
- fix preamble attribute checking bug
- fix texmessage.load pattern search instead of pattern match bug
- renamed vbox to parbox (was done in 0.3 partially only)
- data module:
- allow for tuples in arguments of the data class
- convenience: exchanged order of named parameters in
- graph module:
- convenience: allow for part=None in _axis (base of linaxis and logaxis)
- examples:
- added a latex example (requested)
- added a attributechange example (requested)
- added back the integral example (requested; prior PyX 0.3 it was part of the user manual)
- small change in vector example (allow for the access to the texrunner)
- examples included in source distribution
- canvas module:
- correct arrow template calculation for very short paths
0.3 (2003/03/31):
- examples
- new easy to use example generation (will hopefully lead to nice examples)
- unit box:
- new module for handling of convex polygons (taken out of the graph module)
- unit helper:
- new module containing a collection of helper functions (taken out of the graph module)
- moved the attrlist into helper -- as plain functions; attrlist becomes obsolete
- text module:
- new module: a new and preferable integration of TeX/LaTeX
- t1strip module:
- strip glyphs from pfa/pfb-fonts
- there is a C implementation taken from pdftex
- fallback solution via an external program (pfb2pfa)
- pykpathsea module:
- (partial) C binding to libkpathsea
- fallback solution via an external program (kpsewhich)
- graph module:
- removed some code duplication (various axis painters)
- use text module instead of the obsolete tex module
- allow for tailing zeros of automatic generated labels
- allow for missing data in bar graphs -> skipmissing parameter
- remove the support for variables given as keyword arguments in data constructor
- use context instead of extern for extern variables and functions
- graph keys; titles in data/function/etc.
- unit module:
- new classes for visual and width lengths, aliases for user length (u_pt = pt)
- all length classes have now by default a quantifier 1 (instead of 0), such that,
for instance, 5*unit.t_cm() == unit.t_cm(5)
- default_unit now has to be set via unit.set. For instance: unit.set(defaultunit="m").
- convert_to is now an internal function, which moreover does not longer accept tuples or lists
- bbox module:
- new class _bbox (the former bbox) which accepts points in the constructor. This is used
for internal purposes.
- the bbox constructor now accepts user lengths in the constructor.
- new methods height, width, top, bottom, left, right
- ll & ur ???, what about ul and lr -> ugly!
- enlarge (was enhance) now allows selective enlargement to the left, bottom, right and top
- output HiResBoundingBox
- never reduce bbox upon output
- epsfile module:
- new constructor signature, more in line with rest of PyX:
epsfile(x, y, filename, **additional_args)
- data module:
- removed additional column support in addcolumn; removed _addcolumn
- line reduction for datafile like the every parameter in gnuplot
- canvas module:
- new way of PS prolog generation that writes only necessary parts
- added support for patterns
- canvas.insert() now supports arguments
- bbox of canvas can be specified in writetofile command explicitely
- writetofile does not return self anymore
- arrow template now uses intersection with circle to get size right
(as per a suggestion by Michael Schindler)
- mathtree module:
- added abs function
- changed the handling of extern functions and all variables
- color module:
- gradient renamed to palette
- numerous bugfixes:
- problem with sizefile on windows (tex module)
- allow for strings in graphxy's width and height; allow for width only (graph module)
- disable rating for labelattrs equals None (graph module)
- defaultstyle selection, when a list of data is provided to the plot function (graph module)
- traverse when adding functions as arguments of operators (mathtree module)
- allow for extern functions in addcolumn (data module)
- just one common place for the version number
- fix incorrect exception name MathError (path module)
- prevent double return of intersections for closed sub paths
- ...
0.2 (2003/01/17):
- unit module:
- allow division of length by numbers
- trafo module:
- new transformation: slant
- renamed all trafo methods to use the participle (i.e translate->translated)
- the name of all trafo subclasses are verbs (i.e. translation->translate)
- graph module:
- mark class renamed to symbol
- (text-)box distance measurement
- moved axis partitioning to axis and axis painter
- automatic axis partitioning (now officially: general cleanup, distance measurement, documentation)
- splitaxis
- baraxis, baraxispainter, and bar style
- data module:
- previously named datafile module
- class "_datafile" renamed to class "data"
- class sectionfile added
- testsuite
- mathtree module:
- extern variables and functions (support in graph.function, graph.paramfunction and
- testsuite
- text module:
- deferred to Version 0.3
- running TeX "on the fly" is basically implemented
- numerous bugfixes:
- transformation bug (#624068, trafo module)
- canvas transformations (canvas module???)
- textbox alignment (graph module)
- return linewidth upon calculation with linewidths (unit module)
- allow column number variables with several digits
- ...
- british and american spellings (color module, graph module)
- small logo modifications
0.1 (2002/10/07):
- initial release